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Chelsea Jade - Soft Spot

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by NecessaryVoodoo, Apr 22, 2017.

  1. Yep, pretty much the same thing (except APRA has members from both New Zealand and Australia, and holds separate awards for the latter. Those run slightly more mainstream; a lot of repeated Sia love etc.). And yeah, that shortlist is phenomenal. The first time the shortlist has gone completely misandrist I think, and no reason to turn back really.

    If you wanted talent talking about talent, check out this little feature on the shortlistees, which includes Chelsea being honoured by Queen/Goddess/Light Of My Life Bic herself.
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  2. New music coming next week.

  3. High Beam is now premiering on Harper's Bazaar: HERE.

    Issa bop as the kids (or @Noir anyway) say.

    Still no details on an album release date other than #soon.

    EDIT: Spotify
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  4. I'm gonna need her to put all of these in an EP or something because as gorgeous as the single covers are she deserves a cohesive piece.
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  5. She's so amazing.
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  6. OK so the album isn't coming until next year:

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  7. Things have gone quiet on the album front but our Chels has still been busy, performing as part of the GIRLSCHOOL festival in LA complete with some amazing choreo (@Noir).

    She's also featured on fellow New Zealander Boycrush's new track Holy Water, released today. Issa bop.

  8. So... it turns out Chelsea is at least partially responsible for this:


  9. New single Laugh it Off is out on June 8th.
  10. [​IMG]
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  11. WAIT WHEN WAS AN ALBERM ANNOUNCED. The long droughts of no information made me lose track of her.
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    She announced its title about a year ago but there is still no date for its release.
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  13. Serving Christine & The Queens + ~90's melancholic synthpop~.




    We love consistent (and consistently great) single art.
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  14. It gets even better when you realize she's been wherking this aesthetic for three damn years:


    My pastel-blog-pop queen.
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  15. This might be my favourite song of hers already. So smooth.
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  16. Finally. Queen of music.
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    Poor “Personal Best”
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