Chelsea Jade - Soft Spot

It gets even better when you realize she's been wherking this aesthetic for three damn years:


My pastel-blog-pop queen.

the amount of jealousy that you have Afterglow is... huge. I can't buy it since it's on US iTunes only and it's NOWHERE online.
Laugh It Off is like deadpan Carly Rae Jepsen, and the video is the right amount of quirky - Roisin Murphy should take note!
I’ve just drank two bottles of wine while waiting for Florence’s album. Understood that I’m definitely not ready for it. So I’ve listened to all Chelsea’s singles and found snippets of Personal Best.
And I realized that this summer can be the best I’ve ever had. Pure happiness.


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I like it but it's kind of like the Anna of the North album where everything is very similar.
I really liked this, though I was only familiar with a couple of the singles so a lot of it was new to me. Kudos for the inclusion of "phosphorescence" in a pop song!
I'm absolutely besotted with this record - I think it's truly extraordinary, and I guess the muted response here is probably due to very little of what's in here being new - yet another awful 2018 album rollout, I suppose (see also: Sway, Bloom, countless others). The way she writes is so clever and affecting - a line like "just hold me closer than you know how to" is such a simple way of conveying complete, ardent desperation.