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Chelsea Jade - Soft Spot

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by NecessaryVoodoo, Apr 22, 2017.

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    Would be super cool to have new music already. The album was great, but it was so short and more than half the tracks were available beforehand anyway.
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  2. So it's not new music, but she is supporting MUNA on their NA tour.

  3. For those still waiting for the Personal Best vinyl, looks like it's finally getting there, she posted a sneak peek on her insta story:

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  4. 2014

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    I still play Laugh It Off practically every day, crossing my fingers she might support Muna on a UK leg as well????
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  6. New music! April 7th!

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  7. YAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAASSSS I was listening to Life Of The Party the other day and was wondering where she'd gone.
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  9. Very good comeback single, imo. Nothing revolutionary but well produced and extremely catchy.

  10. Chelsea was a recent guest on the BBC World Service's Music Life and at the end of the programme said she was putting the finishing touches on her "next record" possibly called Soft Spot and due out in March.

  11. New album Soft Spot is out on April 29th.

    Tracklisting from iTunes:

    1: Soft Spot
    2: Optimist
    3: Superfan
    4: Best Behaviour
    5: Big Spill
    6: Good Taste
    7: Tantrum in Duet
    8: Real Pearl
    9: Night Swimmer

    As well as digital it's going to be available on CD, standard black vinyl, limited "mustard" variant (Rough Trade) and a limited "metallic silver" variant (VMP).
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  12. For some reason (label change?, Superstar isn't available on Spotify anymore.
  13. 9 tracks and 27 minutes is a bit rough, considering she apparently cut 2 tracks at the end, but I guess this is album length in the streaming era nowadays.
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  14. "Optimist" was a very lowkey return but "Good Taste" is providing me with a bit more excitement - I'm really looking forward to the new album now! Her last one was so special.
  15. There are clips here. Turns out Soft Spot and Real Pearl are interludes, so there are only 7 tracks here, 2 already out, and 2 previously released (Superfan, Night Swimmer).
  16. Loving Optimist but I'm not spoiling myself on anything else if that's all we're getting nn.
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