Chelsea Jade - Soft Spot

Well girls, the album is here!

It's great but uh, definitely could have used more material: I'm open to shorter albums but it doesn't feel held together by a particular MO. I'd say Good Taste is the best thing here and I appreciate her leaning further into the bops but something as introspectively self-deprecating as Life of the Party would have been nice. Hoping she doesn't take as long with the next one.
I have to admit I laughed at her saying in her Popheads AMA that her favorite song on the album is Soft Spot, the 1 minute intro track.

The album's fine, but it feels unfinished to me. I actually love the sound of Soft Spot, the song, it reminds me a bit of what Shura was doing on Forevher. Would like for her to move more in that direction with the next album. I read that she enjoys sound design, so I'm all for her exploring that moving forward.

Inland Empire

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The material itself is great - I especially adore Tantrum in Duet. But yeah, unfinished doesn't even begin to cover it. I wouldn't mind so much if it was a little holdover album, but it's been four years since Personal Best...which was also a rather short album without much new material.