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Chelsea Wolfe - General Discussion

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by LE0Night, Jun 14, 2017.

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  2. Oh it's the serve. Where are my coven sisters?
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  3. She has a new remix out for a duo called Divide and Dissolve. I really like it, very Hiss Spun.

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  4. She's part of Blood Moon, a supergroup that involves metal band Converge. They just announced an album to be released on November 19. This dark sounding single sounds like a cross between Hiss Spun and Converge's slower material, and it slaps.

    1. Blood Moon
    2. Viscera of Man
    3. Coil
    4. Flower Moon
    5. Tongues Playing Dead
    6. Lord of Liars
    7. Failure Forever
    8. Scorpion’s Sting
    9. Daimon
    10. Crimson Stone
    11. Blood Dawn
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  5. This sounds fantastic!
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  6. The music video was just released. Interesting to find out it's actually being branded as a Converge song and album only.

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  7. Another slow one. I wonder if the whole album will be in that vein, which would be a surprise knowing Converge's usual material... or if we'll get some chaotic and upbeat bangers, which would be a surprise knowing Chelsea Wolfe's usual material.
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  8. The album is now out!

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  9. Thanks for this, I forgot it was out this month.
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  10. Chelsea posted some photos on her insta stories with Dave Sitek in the studio?
    Is he co producing her new album perhaps?
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  11. Hello my ooky spooky girlies - I have decided I need to check out Ms. Wolfe after seeing a lot of favorable comparisons between Ethel Cain's Ptolemaea and her music. Where should I start with her discography?
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  12. cpr


    Pain is Beauty is my favorite of hers. I think its the most sonically diverse and pop friendly she’s ever been but I also haven’t listened to her last two albums.
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  13. You are in for a treat!!

    I will say she is quite diverse while still having a distinct sound. I would split her sound into two major parts - experimental electronic/nu-metal and gothy spooky folk/rock.

    The experimental electronic/nu-metal part of her discography:
    - Hiss Spun. Her at her most overtly metal phase I would say.
    - Abyss. More electronic and industrial take on metal.
    - Beauty Is Pain. I agree that it's her at her most pop friendly, very eclectic album and her most electronic sounding one.

    The more spooky goth folk/rock part:
    - Birth of Violence. A really stunning collection of haunting ghost folk.
    - Unkown Rooms: A Collection of Acoustic Songs. I think this is my favorite album of hers. Flatlands and The Way We Used To are simply gorgeous. A real treat if you like some lo-fi folk songs with lots of yearning. It feels like it's made for the lonely hearts out there.
    - Apokalypsis. More indie rock vibe and more energy in this one than the more straightforward folk albums.
    - The Grime and the Glow. My least listened to of hers, it's her debut and it's a bit like Apokalypsis but even more lo-fi. It sounds very unpolished.
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  14. Really need a new record from her
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