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Cher - Closer To The Truth (Album & Singles)

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by orbison, Aug 1, 2012.

  1. This ^^
  2. merden

    merden Guest

    The uproar isn't because it's men, it's because it's gayz....
  3. I doubt any one of us would be any more accepting of the equivalent of this video with female models either.
    And while I did laugh watching it, you'd expect that every little bit of promo would be a chance to attract more of the general public, after how well received the album has been thus far. This is like the opposite of that. Thankfully, this will not be used as some kind of promo, but then that is a waste, isn't it?
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  4. Its horrible. Makes me sad inside.
  5. I don't think I like this remix. I thought the album version was perfect. It seems a little...glitterier and more Eurovision. Before it was just very Brian Rawlings-sounding, which is a great thing for Cher.
  6. I'm afraid I can't be bothered getting "offended" by things like this (I had no problem with those mid 00s Eric Prydz/Sunset Strippers videos objectifying women either) but I turned it off because it was just boring.
  7. Hot men doing random things.

    How offensive.
  8. Oh, it is not offensive, this is not about morale. Not for me at least. It is about the fact that the only kind of impression it can leave, is a bad impression towards people who would be offended by it. I don't see anything on the 'plus' side here.
  9. A variety of all sorts of men doing random things that are not sex-centric would be nicer.
  10. It's offensive to me. Is this what Cher thinks appeals to 'gay men'? Is this supposed to be sexy? Aspirational? A bunch of men who spend their days doing steroids and having sex on camera shaking their junk and sucking on lollipops? Seriously? I am flummoxed (heh) someone would actually find this sexy. We need James Cameron to raise the bar.
  11. When women do videos like this, you think of the old white man directing it and exploiting them and the other men wanking at home. When I see gay men do a video like this I think of how shallow and disgusting gay 'culture' can be. Look, a bunch of porn stars going wild over a top with a donkey dick. Great! Love it!
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  12. merden

    merden Guest

    If it was guys doing slutty things (licking lollipops and sticking them in their crotch etc.) in order to turn Cher on.... I'd be all over it 100%. Instead it's just gayz being slutz. I don't really want to go too off topic but it's things like this that really fucked me up as a gay teen. THIS isn't what being gay is about. These kinds of stereotypes are so damaging to both gays and the gay cause itself... You don't have to be a hairless muscle stud washing a car with your ass cheeks in order to fit into gay culture. There are ugly/average gays too and this focus on young/hot is such an unhealthy image.

  13. I love you.
  14. It's also just very dated.
  15. ie. It needs more beards and body hair. (JOKING).

    I'm ok with it to be honest, but then again I've seen the Andrew Christian videos so I know what they involve.

    I like the twerking bit and really want to go and wash a car using my ass now.

    The whole thing comes off as a bit 'cheap' though, it's obviously internet-only.
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  16. jtm


    I don't find that hot at all. But I wouldn't mind a video with her and some hot guys in it. (A music video for one of her songs, obvs.)
  17. Follow this:
  18. On a note completely unrelated to Take It Like a Man video debates, I've just accidentally heard the original of Love Is the Groove that Cher covered on Believe. Every time I think about it more, I like Believe less and less. It's just so half-hearted outside of the singles. Neither Groove nor The Power are anywhere as good as the originals, the new version of We All Sleep Alone is pointless, and other than the singles, nothing is very good at all. It all feels a bit 'thrown together at the last minute' to me.

    Still enjoying Closer to the Truth though, which is a result.
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  19. Believe was horrible as a body of work on the whole, particularly compared to Closer to the Truth.
  20. That video doesn't look so different from some of the stuff in the MEN thread when it was still around.

    I turned it off because it was boring. No dance routines, no Cher...
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