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Cher - Dancing Queen

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by orbison, May 21, 2018.

  1. She absolutely loathes that album if I remember correctly? Wasn’t she forced into doing it?
  2. One By One is top shelf Cher.
  3. It was an offer when the US wanted nothing to do with her and led to Believe tho.
  4. That’s a shame as it’s absolutely one of her best.
  5. From what I've heard from It's A Man's World, it's certainly one of the best records she's done. Love her Earthy and worldy wise vocals on it too.
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  6. It’s A Man’s World is my favourite Cher album. It was a great victory lap for that era of Cher’s career, in terms of the music.

    Obviously it’d have been great if the album would have been bigger than it was - it truly deserved to be, but then we may not have gotten Believe. Everything worked out in the end. Cher reinvented music, solidified her status as a legend and then we got Living Proof.
  7. agreed. Except the US mix, that’s dreadful.
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  8. I saw her yesterday in Dublin and she was everything and more. So funny and fabulous. The setlist made a perfect review to her career and all in all it was a fantastic show with great production values. Also it was lovely to see various generations joining together to sing along.

    The only negative note to be honest were the amount of people getting up for the toilet (the younger ones, ironically) and for drinks throughout the whole show.
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  9. It's A Man's World is amazing, my second favourite Cher album (after Living Proof). I love it and it's a bit of a one-off in her back catalogue- relatively laid back vibe, quite organic sounding album.
  10. LP


    I had a traumatising experience last night.

    I had a lady who proudly told me she was the same age as Cher (73) drink her own weight in red wine.

    I'm certainly not one to judge as I'm only 56 days into recovery myself - but she went mad dancing and fell over into four other girls who then toppled over drinks, phones and all. She did it again this time falling backwards into a gaggle of gays and once more into the velvet rope.
    Her husband keptleaving to get her more red wine. She kept trying to talk to me thoughout the show and snogging her husband in a wildly inappropriate manner! All in all it was quite the scandal.
    I itthink it happened for a reason so I could be confronted with the realities of drinking.

    The show was brilliant but far too much reliance on video interludes. I knew this already though as it was the same during the Farewell Tour I saw in Sydney all those years ago. All Or Nothing was the highlight for me.
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  11. I hope we get a Christmas album from Cher in the near future. It's crazy how she's never done one in all these years.

    I'd much rather get Christmas music over more ABBA covers.
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  12. I'm not surprised to hear she dislikes It's a Man's World. I've always thought of Cher as one of those artists who isn't a very good judge of her own work.
  13. Was It’s A Man’s World ever released on Vinyl?
  14. I don’t think so, I’ve searched a few times since it’s the one Cher album I’d love to have on vinyl.
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  15. I’d love it.
  16. I love me some pre-Believe era Cher! 87-94 is the peak for me. Not.Com.Mercial is great too! I’d love her to go back to a more rock chick sound!
  17. 26 new American tour dates between March and May 2020 have just been announced.
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  18. That backing CD is taking some amount of punishment
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  19. I love that mix.
  20. Queen!

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