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Cher - Dancing Queen

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by orbison, May 21, 2018.

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  1. What time is she usually on at? Is it worth seeing Paul Young? I only like one of his songs. Senza Una Donna
  2. Any updates on ABBA2? Has to be out soonish right? Get those Holiday coin$$$.
  3. Last update was that she was putting final touches on the tracks. She has 2 and a bit weeks off at the start of November so if they want her to do some minor promo then that's the time. Otherwise, I guess it's just going to be a lowkey drop.
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  4. I can’t believe I saw fucking Cher tonight. Also I genuinely thought people were kidding about that 15 minute monologue dd
  5. I would have enjoyed watching her talk for an hour and a half. She was so funny.

    She is absolutely a legend and I cannot believe she is 73 years old.
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  6. That's all...

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  7. I wonder why they changed the dress for Believe. I actually think the jeans look better but just interested.
  8. I prefer the jeans too - they give a 90s vibe which ties in well with Believe.
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  9. She was in jeans last night for the last song.
  10. Right? I said this to my friends while she was going on. She needs one of those 'audience with' shows to just gab non stop for 2 hours.
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  11. Three... the shows only at 90 minutes if that isn’t it.
    Looking at everyone’s videos, most of the songs seem a little sped up?
    Alas she’s a legend, I’m jealous I couldn’t get a decent ticket
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  12. Cher was absolutely legendary last night! The outfits, the transitions, the wigs, the staging. So unashamedly camp. My boyfriend and I were both losing our shit six rows from the front, and she cracked us a smile a few times. She has perfected her craft, and knows exactly what the audience want from her. Even the (in)famous monologue went down brilliantly - I think her personality and audience connection is part of her act at this point.

    My only tiny gripe in hindsight is a couple of songs I would've loved to have hear (Dark Lady, Just Like Jesse James), but it really didn't matter when I was there. Pure unbridled joy. Get your tickets!
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  13. Lila

    Lila Staff Member

    I took my mum last night and it was such a wonderful experience. She just couldn’t get over the fact that she was seeing CHER, which is how all of us feel when we see our faves. It was just amazing.
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  14. Last night was such a joyful and genuinely fun concert, one of the best I’ve ever attended. She is literally a living legend serving looks, vocals and banter.

    So many highlights and special moments, but have to say I loved the monologue! I too want blue hair at 73.
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  15. Does anyone know what the stage times have been. I’m seeing her in Leeds on Wednesday and the last train is 22.50
  16. I think it was around came 21.15/20 when she came on in London.
  17. It was earlier than that on the Sunday I think.
  18. She was phenomenal last night! So much star power and I adored the message of the tour. Truly inspiring seeing someone do what they love at any age.

    She came on around 9.20pm. She finished around 11.30pm. I think some of the set was cut though from the setlist I've seen?
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  19. That is definitely later than usual? She came on at my date at 8:15pm, and was done by 10:15pm.
  20. Yeh Ignore me my timeline is messed up ha, it was 10.30/10.40 pm
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