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Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by Baby Clyde, Aug 5, 2006.


Is Cher The Greatest Human Being To Have Ever Lived?

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  1. This is undoubtedly the greatest televisual event ever and that includes the episode of Dynasty when Alexis first meets Dominique Devereaux.

    Just look how Cher and Tina ignore poor old out of her depth Kate Smith.
  2. Please pardon my ignorance, but who the hell is Kate Smith?
  3. I bought the Farewell tour DVD and she keeps saying 'take that you bitches'.

    What is that all about?
  4. It's either because:

    a) Some of the gays at the front kept making nasty comments about her costumes, so when the camera wasn't on her she'd spit at them or flash her snatch in their direction, hence the "bitches" part of the comment.


    b) she's referring to Britney/ Christina et al who think they know how to put on a good show, and Cher thinks her performances are much more entertaining and dazzling.

    One of these I've read and one of these I've made up. Can you guess which is which?
  5. Oh wow - I hope (a) is true.
  6. It's just a joke about how Britney, Christina and JLO are kind of the gay glitzy icons that are really popular, so she's like let's see if these bitches can do this!! It's all in fun and humour, she's been linked to being friends with Britney and Jlo.
  7. I would be SHOCKED if Cher was friends with Britney Spears. Maybe a friendly word backstage at an awards show, but friends? Highly doubtful!
  8. She's taking the piss, as she mentions near the start of her dvd - she has been doing this for "40 frickin years" and there are all these young girls like Britney now that are ready to take her place ("well they won't take my place but they'll take somebody's place"). So she says she has put on the Cher-est show on earth so that they couldn't possibly follow it up.

    Take that you BITCHES!!
  9. Isn't it "follow this you bitches" or "follow that you bitches"? Either way it's a treat and we should all use it more.
  10. This is the one. I was at one of the farewell shows and when she says it more than once on the dvd I think it's because she just forgot her lines. It made more sense live when I saw her.

    PS Best concert I've EVER been to.
  11. It was amazing. Amazing costumes, singing - everything.
  12. You should brush up on your Cher infromation; Cher has said many positive things Britney, and even went as far as to arrange a performance together them both singing "the beat goes on" for Britney's Live in Vegas special. Unfrotunatley Cher backed out at the last minute due to useless UK promos. It was on the cover of tvguide the week it was suppose to air. They also have plans on doing the movie "in the pink" together once they are both free. Cher and Britney mentioned being friends a while ago, how strong the friendship is now, I don't know. But it is possible.
  13. Well I got what xolondon meant.  Cher most likely will have all the best wishes in the world for Britney, but a bona fide "guess what Kevin's done now" friendship is somewhat generous.  And Britney does seem as much like Liza in the can of worms department.
  14. Kate Smith, I gather, is some kind of old timer who in her day had her own comedy show  of sorts.  This was quite late into her career - it had gone - and she was now enjoying her reputation if nothing else.  She dies in the late 80's.  Just looks at her trying to steel the show with her outfit - she ain't no Mae West, that's for sure.  Cher and Tina do soar together, but Smith is standing in front of them and limits her acknoledgement - I'm guessing she didn't think she'd have to work so hard.  There's a joy clearly visible in Cher and especially Tina from just working in itself, and Smith may as well have been propped.

    Imagine if Cher had kept the format going a little longer and did an ABBA medley.  Think of the feathers.
  15. I know she did her Farewell Tour a couple of years ago, but i thought she was just stopping the touring, not making music altogether?

    I checked her website and that hasn't been updated in awhile, anyone know if she has any plans? New CD? Or perhaps a movie or two?
  16. she was recording a rock/dance album (a la one & one) last time i heard
  17. There were rumours that she was recording a new rock album.
  18. Oh so she is actually doing something.. well thats ok then. I did hear some rumor that she going to do a Celine and just lurk in one Casino in Las Vegas or something.. i hope thats not true.
  19. I heard she was gonna do Vegas in 2008 when Celine has finished. Not sure how true it is. I think Cher has been doing charity work in the US recently.
  20. She was a radio singer from the 30's and 40's. her big hit was "God Bless America". She was kind of an American institution.

    Her British equivalent would be someone like Vera Lynn.

    You can read all about her here.........
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