Is Cher The Greatest Human Being To Have Ever Lived?

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Yes, Cher originally recorded "Bang Bang."

Yes, her 1985 cover of her own song is the quintessential version.

Yes, Bon Jovi helped on that track and a few others ("Just Like Jesse James"), and yes she was fucking Richie Sambora during the same general period.

And yes, I''d love a Cher Punk album.
The schlocky Bon Jovi-fied Bang Bang was from ''87, I believe -- wasn''t that the time of her big "I Found Someone" comeback?

And the person starting this thread is full of sh*t. (Never believe a thread started by anyone with 1 comment to his name!)
Now come on guys!

I''m just checking the pulse of the intelligentsia!!

I have no idea myself, and I''d thought you could clarify.

Interesting responses, but please, no character assassination !!
back on topic. The last i heard of the new cher album was that she was indeed goin down the soft rock route with 3 remakes of old songs (heard rumours its gypsies tramps and thieves, dark lady and not sure about the other one)

Also there is supposed to be a bonus disc of mixes (allegedly bein over seen by junior vasquez) of all the tracks to keep us happy.

Well that was what i heard anyway
I loved her soft-rock phase so I''m quite glad her new album isn''t going to be another Believe/Living Proof. More stuff like I Found Someone/If I Could Turn Back Time/Save Up All Your Tears, please. Oh, and she''s never said she was going to stop making records - she only said she''s not going to go on tour anymore...
I read somewhere she may be doing a Celine Dion and playing shows in Vegas. Would be good if she had an album out first.
Bring back rock Cher and the big black hair!
I''m new here by the way so Hello!
To my knowledge, a stint in Las Vegas has never been 100% confirmed? Interesting that Bette Midler is playing there in February 2008 - her award show comments that "at least I''m not someone who was famous trying to be famous again" of which were directed at Cher who was in attendence.
No it was never confirmed. Just a rumour around the same time as the Bette announcment came out.
To be fair I sing Believe when I hear that Hellogoodbye song



Right, there have to be some Cher fans on here, so lets talk about her many amazing moments.

- 'Believe'.

- The "outfit" from 'If I Could Turn Back Time'

- Her many ridiculous promo shots and album covers

- The endless Farewell tour

- "Follow this, bitches"

Amazing early singles:
'All I Really Want To Do'
'I Got You Babe'
'The Beat Goes On'
'A Cowboy's Work Is Never Done'

Amazing middle-years singles:
'Gypsies, Tramps & Thieves'
'Dark Lady'
'If I Could Turn Back Time'
'Walking In Memphis'
'Dead Ringer For Love'

Amazing comeback-years singles:
'Strong Enough'
'The Music's No Good Without You'
'Song For The Lonely'

and shitloads more.

(I'm certain Cher can still be seen as "active". She hasn't released new music for a while but she's still a performing artist and most certainly not retired, so I hope she is deemed worthy of the Retro forum.)
Someone around these parts recommended the Living Proof album track You Take It All a while back, and it's since become one of my very favourite Cher moments. Ever.
Living proof is a really good album. Far better than Believe.

having said that 'The Music's No good Without You' was a terrible lead single and she clearly just gave up after that. From what I heard she didn't really want to make anothwer dance album but after the last records success was pressured by the record company to do so.

'(This Is A Song) For The Lonely' or 'Different Kind of Love Song' would have been far better first singles.

My favourite Cher period is easily the early 70's along with the ones already mentioned her materpieces include...............

I Saw A Man and He Danced With His Wife
Carousel Man
Fire and Rain
Take Me Home
Living In House Divided

And of course the cover of her Take Me Home album is the greatest album cover in music history.....................
Can I also add 'Love And Understanding' and 'Save Up All Your Tears' as forgotten classics.

The Shoop Shoop Song however, is one of my most hated songs of all time.
I love Cher and I'm not ashamed to admit it.

Her voice has a fantastic quality and is pretty versatile.

Don't know much about her 60s/70s era apart from what's on the Best ofs/Greatest Hits albums.

Far too many stand-out tracks but I particularly love:

What about the moonlight
Heart of stone
All or nothing (Almighty Edit) - the beginning is amazing
Music's no good without you
You take it all
A different kind of love song

Her costumes are naff, her live shows are so OTT but ......... she has it, that star quality that the other pop bitches could only hope for. She has an acid tongue, tells it like it is and seems a genuine person.

New album please!

L xxxx