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Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by Baby Clyde, Aug 5, 2006.


Is Cher The Greatest Human Being To Have Ever Lived?

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  1. multimediac17

    multimediac17 Moderator

    Cher should marry me.
  2. if i wasnt such a big blondie and debbie harry fan cher would be my favourite woman in the whole world

    the first time i heard believe on the radio i though oh listen some one is sampling cher and when i found out it was her own single i nearly wet myself

    the living proof album is a lot more solid than believe and was vastly under rated

    been rumours of a new album for a few years but alas nothing has surfaced yet
  3. I remember back in 2003 the date suggested for a new album was 2007! Then it was a 2 CD affair with Jr. Vasquez churning out a dance and remix CD2 to compliment a return to rock/adult-contemporary disc - the DJ was pictured in his studio with one of Cher's LPs handing up on his wall. It is an amazing idea, especially since she isn't one to do things by half as it is.

    I was just listening to Prince's Starfish & Coffee - the piano reminds me of what makes Cher's own The Way of Love so poignant and seductive.
  4. That sounds fucking amazing!!!
  5. Tribal Spaceman

    Tribal Spaceman Oh, OK.

    It does!!!!!
  6. For some reason my MP3 player plays the first 15 songs on it FAR more often than anything else (I mean like 10 times more often). Therefore anything that starts in either brackets or with a number gets trotted out numerous times a week.

    This is incredibly annoying. (I never want to hear (Sitting On The) Dock of the Bay, (You Make Me Feel LIke A) Natural Woman or 2 Become 1 EVER again).

    But it does have the added bonus of forcing me to listen to (This Is) A Song For The Lonely about once a day.

    It's fucking AMAZING!!! Why on earth was it not released to rescue the huge bomb that was Living Proof??? I heard that she just got bored with the whole project and refused to promote anything else. Apparently she didn't really want to do another dancer album and was convinced to because 'Believe' was such a huge hit.

    Such a shame.
  7. (This Is A) Song For The Lonely and Different Kind of Love Song are immense and both my favourite Cher tracks. Living Proof is such an amazing and underrated album. People forget that The Music's No Good Without You was a top 10 hit.

    I remember that talk of a 2 CD album, one side rock ballads and the other dance remixes for the gays. That must have been years ago! I really wish Cher would come back.
  8. My favourite Cher album by far. The 70s singer/songwriter sound is an odd but entirely intoxicating choice for Cher's voice. She succeeds in sounding genuinely introspective and tender on tracks like 'These Days' and 'Stars', and gut-wrenchingly wronged on 'Just This One Time', 'Bell-Bottom Blues' and 'Love Enough'. There are a couple of cringey missteps, but most of the LP showcases a mature side of Cher that most people wouldn't believe possible from the campy schlock-rock period or the disco diva reinventions.

    It's criminal that it is not available on CD. These recordings are so much more than a footnote in her career; they're defining, in my opinion. Plus, it has the coolest cover art of any Cher album.


    There's a wonderful article about 'Stars' on the website Cher Scholar, if anyone's curious to read another appraisal of the album.

  9. one has mentioned the 1985 version of "Bang Bang!?!?"
  10. Assuming that's the cranked up guitary one (thought it was more like 1988ish), I love it so very much more than the willowy original.
  11. Never seen that album cover before. Wow. She really was going for the black disco diva market wasn't she? It looks like Diana Ross!
  12. Really glad you posted about Stars.

    I've had it on vinyl for years but ahven't played it since the day I bought it.

    Just got it out (Along with all my other Cher vinyl) and converted it to digital on my i-Tunes.

    Not that keen overall bit dreary. I deffo prefer storytelling early 70's Cher and All I Really Want't To Do is a surprisingly good album and I have a soft spot for Bittersweet White Light despite the completely out of control vibrato and inappropriate songs.

    Still working my way through so shall report back on any unsung gems I come across.
  13. Are there any photos of the inlay or back cover artwork? I've been meaning to make a CD of this for a while and it'd be nice to have something to put on the back.
  14. Oh. My. Goodness. I finally got to hear this masterpeice of an album: I started writing here but ended up typing forever so it's now a post on my blog. I don't think we get a more vivid emotional connection from Cher anywhere else than these 10 songs.
  15. Just been converting 'I'd Rather Believe In You' from vinyl.

    It's fabulous. Much better than 'Stars'. I'm going to play them back to back now to definitively compare.

    Thankyou so much everyone for getting me to obsess over Cher once again.

    Caesar's Palace next methinks!!!
  16. I am going to follow your example, but later though. Would be interesting to find out what you thought of them - this is her most intriguing period as it was basically flop after flop for a while.
  17. I've never really listened to any Cher, but part of me thinks that I should.
  18. Okay, my opinion is that I'd Rather Believe In You is not as good as Stars. It's a teriffic album, but the intimacy and bait-biting passion of its predecessor are suppressed in favour of more narrative songs. This is no bad thing, but she had more in her.

    Cher was getting fed up at this point apparantly, but I'd say the title track is the home run, exultantly singing 'oh yes, yes I'd rather believe in you' is rattled and satisfaction itself.

    I wrote another review, this time for I'd Rather Believe In You, on my blog if anyone is interested, with some nice pics.
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