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Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by Baby Clyde, Aug 5, 2006.


Is Cher The Greatest Human Being To Have Ever Lived?

  1. Yes

  2. Yes

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  1. This one was pretty good. The woman who played Cher was AMAZING!!!
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  2. Happy birthday to Cher, an legend for now and for always.
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  3. ''Cher at the BBC'' is on BBC Two at 9pm on Saturday 29th May followed at 10pm by the film Moonstruck.
  4. Happy birthday, icon!

    Now drop Summer Night City!
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  5. I thought that was the same night as Eurovision for a moment, and I was like, what kind of homophobia is this.
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  6. Same actually.
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  7. My night then that night sorted.

  8. Walls is out. Her voice sounds incredible. When was this recorded?
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  9. The Witches of Eastwick is on BBC One tonight at 10.45pm.

    The 1999 film Tea With Mussolini (which Cher appears in) was shown on BBC Four last night and is available to watch on the iPlayer.

    On the subject of Cher's films,here's a countdown of Cher's top 10 films....
  10. Stuck On You making that list but not Tea With Mussolini is questionable.
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  11. I think Mermaids is Cher's best film. She just looked like such an icon in it for one thing:
  12. Mermaids is my favourite Cher film too, I went to see it at the cinema on the back of my love for The Shoop Shoop Song and it's actually a really great movie. Winona Ryder is brilliant in it as Cher's long suffering daughter.
  13. It really is great, and The Shoop Shoop Song, will always be my all time favourite Cher single-my birthday song after all!
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  14. I love Mermaids too. Just bought the Blu-Ray.

    But Mermaids, Suspect and The Witches of Eastwick ranked below Burlesque, I mean...

    Yes, I know it's Cher + Christina together in a film but come on...
  15. I don't mind Burlesque, but yes, know what you mean.
  16. Stuck On You is a masterpiece #FACT #AlfWasAbleToFreeUpHisSchedule #ImAFuckingOscarWinner


  17. Will never tire of this song, rightfully an UK top 10 hit. Love the club remixes too.
  18. Cher at the BBC, what a watch, what a woman!
  19. A bit late with the Cher loving!
    I enjoyed "Moonstruck" last on BBC2 but my fave film of hers will always be "The Mask" - I remember watching it on TV years ago with my Father - and even he found it very moving! It was based on a true story.
    She is an amazing actress! (Mermaids comes second for me too - but I was too busy watching Bob Hoskins in it....!)
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  20. Cher is just an total icon and today's girls could never.
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