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Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by Baby Clyde, Aug 5, 2006.


Is Cher The Greatest Human Being To Have Ever Lived?

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  1. Who knew Cher had made so many appearances on the National Lottery show!?

    I forget how it was seen as major vehicle for promo appearances in the 1990s.
  2. Same here! Spice Girls did quite a few promos on there too, of course including the now infamous "Geri's not very well tonight" one.
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  3. I was watching this with my mum and we said the same thing.
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  4. I watched and I thought the exact same thing ddd. But what a great hour of television!
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  5. Cher looked just every inch an icon in each of those performances.
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  6. I watched Mama Mia Here We Go Again last night, and let's face it, it not only picks up when Cher appears, but she also steals the whole thing. Legend.
  7. really? I thought that film was dire and she had no place in it. Mainly because her character is referenced as being dead in the first film (and in the stage production) but also because she was completely shoe-horned in. As was the song Fernando. I mean, a character who hasn’t been mentioned at all by their first name throughout the film is then suddenly called Fernando? And Cher does that whole “gasp…Fernando!?” and then starts singing Fernando? Urgh. No. At that point in the film when we saw it in the cinema, my husband blurted out “oh my fucking god” and the whole cinema laughed.
  8. Perhaps, but it's Cher and she lightens up anything she stars in. Few icons quite like her.
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  9. Wonder if we well ever get that second Abba album from her
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  10. Or any new album too.
  11. I think you are overthinking it a tad.
  12. Cher's "Fernando?" is the highlight of the whole film. It's supposed to be funny.
  13. Quite.
  14. Why is it such a stretch that a character would be called Fernando, when we'd had no suggestion that his name would be anything else? That's the point in both of those movies that's a step too far?

    It was funny, it was camp and Cher was totally fabulous.
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  15. Cher did a great job of it too I think.
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  16. I live for the way Cher pronounces "GLESGA" in Super Trouper.
  17. It's iconic.
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  18. An "Expanded" version of her album I Paralyze just showed up on streaming services.

    I never took a deep dive into her catalog but it might be time to change it tbh, looks very interesting.

    edit: Oh it looks like it's been on US for some time now. Still, gonna check it out lol.
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  19. Yeah, the expanded I Paralyze has been around since...I want to say the early 2010s? in the US. Glad it's available worldwide finally.
  20. Not available in the UK sadly.
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