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Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by Baby Clyde, Aug 5, 2006.


Is Cher The Greatest Human Being To Have Ever Lived?

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  1. Vibe On had exclusivity for the expanded album for two years. It's been on streaming since 2018, two years after the CD was released.
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  2. I meant the CD actually (should've been more clear there), but even that didn't sound right!
  3. Rather random.
  4. I guess the second album of Abba covers is a no go. Nothing has been mentioned in awhile.
  5. To be honest, probably for the best. Nearer the time to the first would have made sense, but not so much now I think.
  6. I'm screaming at her tweeting YouTube links to unreleased songs.
    I'm very happy that Stars is finally remastered but it would be great to have it on streaming as well, just for completeness.
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  7. Is this where the label think her fans are at? lol. Do YouTube ad's/the music side pay much more than Spotify? I guess putting things up here, then waiting to put things up on Spotify might make a tiny bit extra money. A first listen on YT and then for ease add it on Spotify later?
    It may also reduce the "fan" uploads on YT? Lots of questions about why as it does seem a bit of an oddity.
  8. From what I gather, she owns the rights to Stars right? I hope she is going to add this to streaming/download services because the remaster was well done and the album is lovely.
    Until then, I guess it's the youtube mp3 convertor. Still, a big step up from the crap vinyl rip i have lived with for years.
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  9. I'm glad she's not doing another Abba album. If she must do covers, why not an album of Cher-ified disco stompers?
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  10. Cher Sings The Kelly Llorenna Songbook.
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  11. Sign me the fuck up. Even if that songbook was already Kelly singing other folk's songs for the most part.

    Bangers upon bangers.
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  12. I was joking but actually Cher singing Set You Free, Brighter Day and True Love Never Dies would be beyond epic.
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  13. Only Cher could do the mighty K-Lo justice. I think Cher singing Set You Free would be life-changing perfection.
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  14. The single mix of Dove L'Amore is finally on streaming.
    If this is you @aquaplex, thank you!
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  15. Very random of them to reupload the EP and swap a single track.
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  16. Is this the Emilio Estefan, Jr one?
  17. Yeah, this one
  18. Oh brilliant, I've been seeking this one out for ages.
  19. Yep been asking for this for a year. The original release had meta data for the Estefan single mix but the audio was the album version

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  20. The single covers from It’s A Man’s World and Believe are great. The ones from Living Proof and Close To The Truth are better than the album covers.
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