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Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by Baby Clyde, Aug 5, 2006.


Is Cher The Greatest Human Being To Have Ever Lived?

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  1. This is giving me a little hope that they're waiting to bulk release them on streaming.
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  2. Which make better sense too.
  3. She better be gearing up to do this for Cherished, I need a remastered War Paint and Soft Feathers and Pirate ASAP.

  4. Was cross-checking some local files I had, absolutely no idea that this was on streaming, it's on a number of compilations.
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  5. Great find, thought this wasn't on streaming either!
  6. Unavailable in the US, unfortunately.
  7. I doubt something will come up but just in case try searching "One By One Junior Vasquez" on Spotify, maybe something could appear.
  8. Emotional Fire is such a trip. It's very of its time and completely OTT, but it's so much fun.
  9. Emotional Fire is my all time favourite Cher song. It's just such a rush of pure camp rock and I LIVE.
  10. I’ve been watching Cher interviews and have been completely won over! So down to earth, a bit sassy but overall goddess-like. I honestly had no idea she was such a tabloid target in the early 90s. Something I notice that’s very unique about her (at least among celebrities) is a very strong self-awareness.

    With her music, where should I start? I’ve heard most of her albums are mixed bags and I should just listen to the singles.
  11. I love that one to. Her albums from the mid 80’s to Love Hurts all have wonderful album tracks.
  12. I would start with the "Very Best Of" or "Gold" compilations - they are not directly available on Spotify but there are many playlists recreating them.
    The "This is Cher" playlist also looks good.
    After that depending on what you like the most, you can then further explore particular eras.
  13. Believe!

    It's one of the best pop albums ever made.
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  14. Yessssssssss
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  15. Think Living Proof is certainly worth checking out too.
  16. For soft rock Cher Heart of Stone is her best album and for dance/pop Cher Living Proof can't be beaten.
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  17. I'd second that.
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  18. I always found Believe to be a very subpar album, once you take the singles, you are only left with Runaway as a decent song.
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  19. What about 'Taxi Taxi'? I even like 'The Power' in all its Amy Grant wonder.

    My picks are 'Living Proof', 'Heart Of Stone', 'Believe' and the glorious 'Stars' which has just been remastered on YouTube. 'It's A Man's World' is also excellent. If you enjoy all of those and are looking for a wildcard, I have a soft spot for 'I Paralyze' and the 'Black Rose' album as well.

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