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Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by Baby Clyde, Aug 5, 2006.


Is Cher The Greatest Human Being To Have Ever Lived?

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  1. I unironically and truly love every song on Believe.
  2. Listening to I'd Rather Believe In You and it's certainly a strong album, I prefer it to Stars for sure.
    Flashback is a bop. Spring is stunning too.
  3. I really like it too, especially Runaway!
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  4. I still prefer the singer-songwriter feel of 'Stars', but there's loads to love on 'I'd Rather Believe In You' too. Along with the two you mentioned I love 'It's A Cryin' Shame' and the Barry Manilow track 'Early Morning Strangers' is sweet too. The title track is classic mid-70s MOR and I'm here for it!

    Both albums are far better than 'Cherished' which feels pretty limp in comparison.

  5. Oh I adored Cherished when I first heard it. I am hopeful it is next for the remaster treatment.
  6. Put them on streaming, YouTube uploads are useless for playlists!

  7. FINALLY getting Pirate and War Paint and Soft Feathers remastered? God is real.
  8. Nice that these are happening and being uploaded of course, but YouTube only?? Why?
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  9. It’s baffling. Surely they wouldn’t go through the trouble of remastering only for YT releases? If they were going for digital-only releases and not physicals one would think they’d at least release them on ALL platforms instead of just one. That’s why I’m hoping this YT-only thing actually means we’re getting physical versions (perhaps a box set?) after all, when they’ve first done the YT roll-out for all the remasters. After Allman & Woman, perhaps? Let’s pray!
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  10. "Living Proof" is the only other vinyl I need from her. I have the Barnes & Noble "Believe" & "Dancing Queen".
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  11. And she’s called Cher.
  12. Wait, these are autogenerated uploads. The previous two albums weren't like that.
    Does this mean that this will actually go on streaming then?
  13. I've never heard anything from these newly uploaded albums, but skimmed through the Cherished tracks and really liked the sound of them. Wish she would just release a remastered boxset!
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  14. War Paint & Soft feathers is a career highlight, SO happy to see it remastered.
  15. Missing a trick if not I think.
  16. I’ll just leave this here and go listen to We All Sleep Alone (Coffin Mix), ta.

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  17. Wasn't Kygo supposed to release a remix of If I Could Turn Back Time at some point last year?
  18. I’d be onboard with him remixing something from Living Proof. Alive Again or You Take It All would pop all the way off.
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  19. Different Kind of Love Song (Kygo Remix) thank you.
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