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It's giving... it's giving Cher

Thought this may be of interest while we wait for actual Cher music, it really sounds like late 90s Metro/Living Proof Cher.
20 years ago today I bought my first Cher album, Living Proof, 5 days after it was released in the UK (it was released 19th November 2001- how time flies!). Happy anniversary Living Proof!


It was such an exciting time for me. I'd seen her perform 'The Music's No Good Without You' on Top of the Pops a few weeks earlier and it was love at first sight- with her, and with the song:

I bought the CD single and played it non stop. Then I bought the album the first Saturday after it came out, on a shopping trip. I remember getting back to the house and looking through the CD booklet and just loving it straight away, even before I heard the music. It immediately felt special. The picture in my avatar especially had something captivating about it, and remains one of my favourite images of Cher.

And then of course, the music. What an album. It remains my favourite album of all time, by anyone, to this day. I remember just falling in love with every song at the time. You know when you're first getting to know an album and don't yet know individual songs, but every song you listen to you think "wow, that was amazing". I'm sure not many people my age would have agreed, but I remember just thinking it was so cool- it was dancier and more full-on than the stuff I'd listened to previously. I remember dancing to it in my bedroom at 13 years old and feeling like I was in a club (utterly ridiculous, I know).

I still listen to it on a regular basis and it always cheers me up, it's impossible to listen to without singing and dancing along to. It's also quite a positive album, there's an uplifting vibe that I love. Song For The Lonely, Different Kind Of Love Song, Real Love, Love One Another, Body To Body, Love So High, Alive Again… they’re all so uplifting. And has there ever been a more energetic and euphoric closer than "When The Money's Gone"?! I find that the album manages to serve as something of a mental detox; it's not an exaggeration to say that a listen from start to finish always energises me and cleans out my mind.

The song it's probably best remembered for and the song that Cher has said is one of her own all time favs is of course this:

But it really is an album of classics, and very much a single unit of music - it just commits so fully and entirely to it's sound. A brilliant (and underrated! #46 in the UK charts?!?!?) album.
I heard Living Proof stanning and came running!

It's my favourite Cher album too, such a strong and cohesive body of work. Whereas Believe had the big singles it also had a lot of filler while Living Proof is just banger after banger - The Music's No Good Without You, Alive Again, Song For The Lonely, A Different Kind of Love Song, You Take It All, When The Money's Gone, it's just relentless!

This American bonus track is great too

We need a vinyl reissue to frame that beautiful artwork.
I can remember Song for the Lonely repeatedly being pushed back on the release schedules until it just disappeared.

The DJs at my local establishment de la gays thrashed the Almighty mix every Friday and Saturday night.

A Different Kind of Love Song should also have been a single. You Take It All is also beautiful.
I heard Living Proof stanning and came running!

Whereas Believe had the big singles it also had a lot of filler while Living Proof is just banger after banger

Oh absolutely, 'Living Proof' is so much more consistent than 'Believe'. Couldn't agree more about there being filler on 'Believe'- 'Takin' Back My Heart' especially- it's one of my least fav post-87 Cher songs.

This American bonus track is great too

I adore 'When You Walk Away'', it's brilliant. Literally the only thing I would change about 'Living Proof' (UK version) is swapping out 'Rain, Rain' (the only song on it that I wouldn't rank a 10 (or higher) in a Cher rate... and even then it's a 9) with it.

I bought the US version of 'Living Proof' specifically for this song, it's so strange listening to an album I know so well in a different order. It just hasn't ever sounded right to me.

When the moneys gone is a 27 out of 10.

It really is! The energy levels in that song are insane.
It's a little weird how the digital version uses a blend of the international and American editions, it has the international edition tracklist, but Song For The Lonely is the radio edit found on the American edition.

You Take It All is great, Chicane's production really works on this one.
Living Proof is my favourite album of all time and A Different Kind Of Love Song is the best pop song ever released by a Big Pop Girl. I stan, militantly.