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Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by Baby Clyde, Aug 5, 2006.


Is Cher The Greatest Human Being To Have Ever Lived?

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  1. I still feel like the Dancing Queen/ABBA era was too short-lived and I would have loved a sequel. We got a few remixes but it was all so short. I would have loved a megamix and more remixes. It suited Cher to a T.
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  2. What a way to spend Saturday night.
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  3. Cher's Farewell Tour was the best show I ever saw. Killer setlist which spanned 5 decades, countless costume and wig changes, and just Cher being Cher. Seeing her sing Believe in a room full of thousands of homosexuals was the closest I've ever come to a religious experience.
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  4. 3 words. I envy you.
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  5. It's so weird to see the title of this thread back to one word. I mean that one word says it all. But I loved the previous thread title.

  6. That weave alone makes this video a classic. Not to mention the song itself is 10/10 anyway.
  7. 1987-1995 is the best Cher era.

    Cher, Heart of Stone and Love Hurts are fantastic.

    Its A Mans World is hit and miss, but this is an absolute gem.

  8. Also, how great is the Not.Com.Mercial album and I Paralyze album. Seriously underrated.

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  9. One By One, is top 5 Cher for me!
    1.The Shoop Shoop Song
    2.Love and Understanding
    3.One By One
    4.I Found Someone
    5.Song For The Lonely
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  10. No lies.
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  11. It's A Man's World, is full of so many gems. Give me this album over Believe any day despite that fabulous run of singles the later had and the forever ICONIC title track.
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  12. Great picks. I'd go with some order of Shoop Shoop, Save Up All Your Tears, I Found Someone, Love Hurts (91) and either All or Nothing/If I Could Turn Back Time.
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  13. Thanks, like your selections too-Cher has had SO many great singles.
  14. We all sleep alone (both versions) is amazing. One by one might be my favourite Cher song though. Love ‘you take it all’ too.
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  15. My top 5 would be :

    1. Just Like Jesse James
    2. One By One
    3. I Found Someone
    4. All Or Nothing
    5. You Wouldn't Know Love
  16. Yesss for including You Wouldn't Know Love - it's amazing and I wish it was better remembered. Also, Jesse James is my favourite Cher song too, so A+ all round!
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  17. You Wouldn't Know Love, what a cruel chart world we live in for that flop peak for such a great song!
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  18. Michael Bolton did it around the same time on his Soul Provider album. Don't think he released it as a single though. Cher did, but only at the end of the HoS campaign. Probably the 5th or 6th single. Or am I confusing it with Could've Been You on Love Hurts, in terms of being a single.
  19. Decided this is the best Cher look/weave of them all:
  20. Redhead Cher is and always will be my Ultimate Cher.
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