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Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by Baby Clyde, Aug 5, 2006.


Is Cher The Greatest Human Being To Have Ever Lived?

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  1. Has there ever been a Cher rate?

    My top 5 would probably be:
    1. One by One
    2. Just Like Jesse James
    3. All or Nothing
    4. The Sun Ain't Gonna Shine Anymore (I just love her version)
    5. Tie between Save Up All Your Tears, Take Me Home or Dead Ringer for Love (RIP Meat Loaf and imagine what a Steinman-produced Cher album would have been like!)
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  2. Yes, I was wondering if there was a Cher rate too, would happily take part if one were to start up again.
  3. Ken Bruce played “Love & Understanding” this morning.

    are you lurking, Ken?
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  4. It's so strange to me that anyone would find It's A Man's World hit and miss, it's my second favourite Cher album and I find it wonderfully consistent. I regularly listen to it from start-to-finish and love it every time. I love it's more organic, mellow sound- it really suits her and makes a nice change from the pop/rock and pop/dance albums either side of that album.

    Top 5 Cher is SO difficult. Are we just doing singles?! I'd probably go for something like this:

    (This Is) A Song For The Lonely
    Save Up All Your Tears
    A Different Kind Of Love Song
    All Or Nothing
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  5. Top 5 Cher?? She genre-hops so much it's all but impossible.

    Just Like Jesse James
    Heart of Stone
    One by One
    Save Up All Your Tears
    I Walk Alone

    is obviously a classic, but it's so gratuitously overplayed I don't need to ever really hear it again.
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  6. I found the Believe album really disappointing. Not only in terms of what the single promised, but compared to all her albums from 1987-95.
  7. Yes Believe has great singles and a whole lot of filler. Luckily Living Proof which followed is flawless!
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  8. The dance mixes of Dov'e L'amore are awesome.
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  9. The Believe album is a very mixed bag. The singles are all absolutely immaculate... But then you have The Power and Takin' Back My Heart, which are probably my two least favourite Cher songs from the iconic album run of Cher [1987] through to Living Proof. And although I kind of love Taxi Taxi and Love Is The Groove, I'm also simultaneously aware they're objectively not as great as I've always found them.

    While we're talking favourites, a top 5 Cher of all time would basically be impossible, but this would almost certainly be in it. When I first got into Cher with the release of Living Proof, I bought this quite random 3-CD Boxset . One of the tracks on Blue: The All Time Great Love Songs was this:

    And I have always absolutely loved it with every fibre of my being. For me it so well encapsulates the Sonny and Cher I love- that easy, sweet, stylish 70s couple who had a lot of fun. That moment at 3.12 when Where You Lead explodes in is one of my favourite moments in any Cher recording. And then the power in her voice when she sings the lines "But if you wanna live in New York City, baby you know damn well that I will" and "If anyone's gonna make me happy, baby, oh you're the man that can". Amazing! The horns, the organ, it's just so fun and energetic! And of course it's bookended by a gorgeous You've Got A Friend. It's a bit of a hidden gem but one well worth discovering!
    1. Just Like Jesse James
    2. Believe (Almighty Mix)
    3. When the Money's Gone
    4. Red
    5. Give Our Love a Fightin' Chance
    It's nuts that the last two weren't even singles.
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  10. Believe really could have been so much better than the album that we ended up with. Taxi Taxi, is quite a bop though.
  11. Taxi Taxi and Runaway stand out from the album tracks for me.
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  12. The strongest album tracks for sure.
  13. Both the self-titled and Heart of Stone albums are peak Cher for me.
  14. Heart of Stone is full of fantastic songs. Love On A Roof Top and Kiss To Kiss, for instance, are a cut above some songs that were released as singles by other artists (within the AC/MOR) back then. One of my favourite albums.
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  15. Heart of Stone is amazing, outside of the singles I love You Wouldn't Know Love, Love On a Rooftop, Emotional Fire and Does Anybody Really Fall In Love Anymore?

    Emotional Fire is actually my all time favourite Cher song, it's so dramatic and over the top and I love that the histrionic backing vocals (including Bonnie Tyler) actually manage to drown Cher of all people out by the crescendo!
  16. I always assumed Emotional Fire was going to be a single. I was surprised Heart Of Stone (which I love) was remixed and released instead.
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  17. A gem of a song that one I think.
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  18. This deluxe bonus track is such a bop, hard to believe it's a Timbaland production!
  19. The triple hit of Cher -> Heart of Stone -> Love & Understanding is a god tier run
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