Is Cher The Greatest Human Being To Have Ever Lived?

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I don't think I could order a top 5, they're some of my favourite songs of all time!

Save Up All Your Tears
All Or Nothing
One By One
Just Like Jessie James
Love and Understanding

Also, always thought this was a missed opportunity for a single, the Cher album was so strong.
This bop should’ve been on her Very Best Of instead of that horrid “Rudy” track:

Aww, that Queen in the beginning super stoked to see her.
Loving the One By One love on here, the only 2 Cher singles I ever bought were One By One and Believe. One By One is probably my favourite Cher song, I’m not sure I could list a top 5, it’s too hard. I have a huge soft spot for the Heart of Stone and Love Hurts albums, I love her dramatic pop/rock moments of You Wouldn’t Know Love, Emotional Fire, When Love Calls Your Name and Who You Gonna Believe. Then of course you have her pop/dance moments Alive Again, Song for the Lonely, Different Kind of Love Song, Take It Like a Man, Dressed To Kill and Red. God I really hope we get at least one more original album from her. Id love for her to revisit her pop/rock roots of the 80’s/90’s.
They/them, he/him
Top 5 Cher singles?

1. A Different Kind Of Love Song
2. All Or Nothing
3. Save Up All Your Tears
4. Alive Again
5. Believe.


We stan late 90s/early 00s maximalist dance Cher.

*Dressed To Kill would have been on here had she released it as a single! What a banger!
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Top 5 Cher singles... I'm actually surprised after sitting and deciding the top 5 that not one of her dance tracks is here.

1. One by One
2. The Sun Ain't Gonna Shine Anymore
3. Heart of Stone
4. Save Up All Your Tears
5. I Hope You Find It
^Me neither, until now. Excellent find there @manloveuk.

Cheers - less of a find though - it's the only version I know and was hearing on the radio at the time and I loved it. Getting my hands on the cd single was a key goal as soon as I became aware of the interweb and sites like discogs, ebay et al. Much like Dead Or Alive, Julian Cope and Bananarama, Cher's Skin Deep was a single I was convinced was gonna be huge in late '88, but it criminally seemed to sink without trace and has been stoically ignored on any retrospectives since.

I see we're doing Cher top 5's. Wouldn't say I'm a massive fan, but these are my go-to's for Cherilyn Sarkisian:

1. Heart Of Stone (only the single version)
2. I Found Someone
3. Skin Deep (again, only the single version)
4. Save Up All Your Tears
5. Believe
6. Love & Understanding

She's got just enough to make a decent hits set, but the likelihood of my faves all being present and correct are zero to nothing.