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Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by Baby Clyde, Aug 5, 2006.


Is Cher The Greatest Human Being To Have Ever Lived?

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  1. So is it pretty much confirmed that her 2nd ABBA album is scrapped?
  2. Love this song, I think Closer to the Truth is my favourite of her 3 dance albums, it’s definitely the one I listen to the most now. Dressed To Kill is soooo good, I wonder who’s idea it was to cover a Preston song? I’m guessing he maybe submitted it for her album as a ‘new song’ seeing as no one really heard it when he released it.
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  3. Red and Real Love were never singles, but they're my most-listened-to Cher songs.
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  4. Doing a Cher Top 5 is so difficult as I find it hard to compare the soft rock material with the dance/pop so please indulge me for doing one of each

    1. Emotional Fire
    2. The Shoop Shoop Song (It's In His Kiss)
    3. Save Up All Your Tears
    4. Heart of Stone (Remix)
    5. Does Anybody Really Fall In Love Anymore?

    1. Different Kind of Love Song
    2. (This Is A) Song For The Lonely
    3. Alive Again
    4. Lovers Forever
    5. I Don't Have To Sleep To Dream
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  5. Doesn't seem like it has been.

  6. Love Cher, but please, leave ABBA alone.
  7. I only want a second Cher ABBA covers album if we get Under Attack drenched in vocoders.
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  8. Had a feeling you'd say that somehow!!
  9. I still want a second ABBA covers album. Anything for more (new) Cher.

    Nice to see the love for Save Up All Your Tears. I must admit it was not something I really paid attention to at first. I was more familiar with Bonnie Tyler's version. But Cher's version has become one of my favourites in Cher's own discography.
  10. Every artist has a low point in their discography, but with that last album, Cher managed that rare feat of achieving a low point in the discography of two artists simultaneously. Not to be repeated, hopefully.
  11. Dancing Queen was great and I'd welcome more. We need a solo version of Super Trouper.
  12. Save Up Your Tears (Cher version), is a total highlight.
  13. She’s already cashed in on the back of one massive ABBA related project, please Cher, let ABBA enjoy 2022. It’s their 50th anniversary and the launch of Voyage Live. Please. I’m begging you. Do another rock album, we’d love that!
  14. Does anyone know why it took 12 years between albums for Cher between Living Proof and Closer To The Truth?? Seems such a waste.
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  15. A Cher top 5? Clearly the answer is

    1. Emotional Fire
    2. You Haven't Seen The Last Of Me
    3. Body To Body, Heart To Heart
    4. Just This One Time
    5. Sisters of Mercy
  16. how many farewell tours did she do in between?
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  17. That DID probably take up a lot of time, but still could have squeezed in a new album or two within 12 years!
  18. This and a cover of Summer Night City with a 10 minute extended mix.
  19. Money Money Money, Does Your Mother Know, I’ve Been Waiting For You, Gonna Sing You My Lovesong, Dance While The Music Still Goes On, Super Trouper.

    There are so many ABBA songs I love but I can’t see Cher’s voice suiting a lot of them. Maybe Knowing Me, Knowing You and secretly I’d love to hear her sing People Need Love or Bang-A-Boomerang.
  20. Much rather an new album of new material, but guess whatever makes Cher happy if we DO end up with another ABBA covers record.
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