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Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by Baby Clyde, Aug 5, 2006.


Is Cher The Greatest Human Being To Have Ever Lived?

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  1. Oh yeah. Absolutely, me too. I was just suggesting songs for if she were to do a Part Two.
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  2. That’s wonderful.

    Also I would take ABBA II for Lay All Your Love On Me and only for that. And maybe Knowing Me Knowing You.
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  3. Cher's voice, just never loses it's magic. That clip posted there by @Disco Tears ,was quite sweet.
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  4. Those vocals are UNREAL. I wish it could go on for hours, not just 36 seconds.
  5. She's certainly still got it.
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  6. I see they just reissued some of her albums in Japan from the 80's, anyone know if they have had a remaster? I would pick them up for a decent upscale in sound for Cher and Heart of Stone.
  7. I don’t think they are, because there’s been no mention of it. But apparently there’s a decent remaster from 2005 (Chronicles) and there’s a chance those might be used. I’d grab them if I were you - these reissues don’t tend to stick around for long. They’ve done a bunch of Pat Benatar and Heart too. Tempting, I must admit.
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  8. I know. It’s so good. I hope this will encourage her to move away from ABBA, even to other covers.
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  9. Real Love is phenomenal. One of my favourites from Living Proof and should have been a single. To be honest everything outside of Rain Rain could have been a single.
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  10. My Love seems to be my most played. I love a ballad that's also a dance banger.
  11. By far, this is my favourite track from the album, and a highlight from Cher’s career. Such a bop!
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  12. Could an anniversary edition of the 1987 album be in the works or just a coincidence that they're uploading videos from that era regularly?
  13. Good thought, who knows. But, certainly most welcome if they do. The beginning of Cher's most successful 15 years in music (in my view, 1987-2002).
  14. Skin Deep 7" remix please.
  15. Taste right there!!
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  16. Sounds like she rerecorded her vocals?
  17. That sounds glorious!
  18. Oh, wow. I feel Take Me Home is underrated in the Cher singles discography. It would definitely be in my top 3 if there was a Cher rate!!
  19. I wasn't aware The Cher Show musical was on tour in the UK so that's booked.
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