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Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by Baby Clyde, Aug 5, 2006.


Is Cher The Greatest Human Being To Have Ever Lived?

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  1. Never seen this before.
  2. Cher's always dressed to kill too boot.
  3. I think it was the background screen for the performance of this song on tour.

  4. I’m seeing the UK Production of The Cher Show and I’m beside myself with excitement to hear A Different Kind Of Love Song and All or Nothing live!
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  5. Nobody is talking about this?

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  6. Love her but $425 and up is wild.
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  7. I mean it IS Versace but yes. Beyond what I want to spend on it and after the wordplay wears off it looks a bit fan made.
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  8. The Emilio Estefan mix of Dov'e L'amore continues to give life.
  9. Is the wordplay a pun or is it just Cher and Versace mixed? Is the face supposed to be Cher?

    Even if it was a reasonable price, I wouldn’t be interested.
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  10. It could also read as "CHERS ACE".
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  11. Living Proof is my favourite Cher album, I love the soundscape. This is my favourite Cher song of all time, it's beautiful and so full of melancholy.

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  12. Living Proof is a fantastic album, easily the best of her pop/dance material. It's so nice to see it has it's fans today as it flew under the radar at the time of release. One of my desert island discs. You Take It All is incredible! It would have made a brilliant single and shows a really different side of Cher.
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  13. The shirt she has on in that photo is actually $3,350. The “diamanté” version. The printed t shirt is $425.

    I know the collab benefits LGBTQ organizations but damn, we’re poor, mom.
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  14. We have more sense than money
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  15. Living Proof is a contender for my favourite album of all time! I slept on it at the time of release (because I deep into my obsession with Kylie) and I didn’t listen until @idratherjack suggested it. A Different Kind of Love Song, You Take It All and Alive Again are my holy trinity- but every track besides Rain Rain is either a 9 or a 10. Mom really did that.

    Is it anywhere on streaming because I remember it from The Very Best Of Cher and it routinely left me bald!
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  16. Great song, though do slightly prefer the Rodney Jerkins remix. Love how even Cher ended up having an Darkchild moment in the early 00s!
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  17. I'm not sure, it's on my 'standard' Greatest Hits that came out before Living Proof.

    I also didn't bother with LP for a while as, while I liked The Music's No Good..., I didn't outright love it, or Song for the Lonely (which was kicked down the road as a single release until it went down a drain). But the rest of the album is way stronger. Classic case of choosing the wrong songs to lead with.

    I think I prefer Closer to the Truth though, as it mixes hi-NRG mom with pop-rock mom.
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  18. Different Kind Of Love Song not being a global smash is, quite frankly, homophobic in the extreme.
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  19. I remember people confusing it with Song for the Lonely around the time (the word 'song' in the title seemed to throw them...), they thought the excerpt she sang in Will & Grace (when she played God!) was Song for the Lonely rather than A Different Kind of Love Song.
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