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Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by Baby Clyde, Aug 5, 2006.


Is Cher The Greatest Human Being To Have Ever Lived?

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  1. I’ll never understand The Music’s No Good Without You being the lead single. At one point I think it was going to be When The Money’s Gone which is much more instant.
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  2. What I don't understand is why the UK label just gave up after The Music's No Good Without You (which despite it's "flop" status was still a Top 10 hit).

    I'd have released

    Song For The Lonely
    Alive Again
    Different Kind of Love Song
    You Take It All

    A singles run!
  3. You see, the only one of those I actually think is single-worthy is Alive Again. Add in Real Love and When The Money’s Gone.
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  4. Her cover of “When The Money’s Gone” continues to leave me bald and oiled.
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  5. When The Money's Gone is a cover?! Every day is a school day!

    It's good but of course Cher totally elevates it.
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  6. The dance version with Elton and Kristine W. is mega.
  7. Living Proof is not my favourite, but You Take It All is a Cher ultimate. Music's No Good absolutely was the right first single, it's surprisingly elegant and it rang true as a soundtrack of sorts for the Believe mania and the loss of Sonny. The array of follow-ups being shunned was crazy though. Cher really bigged up the Amber cover, but I don't think it's all that since I already loved the original. Different Kind of Love is just one of those bonkers, balls to the wall dance songs that totally deserved to be put out there for all to be exposed to. Maybe the touring just eclipsed the effort of promoting the album, I'd love to hear her talk about these things in depth, but given she's not really a fan of her stuff these moments are very rare. I was gutted Song for the Lonely didnt come out here as I absolutely loved one of the remixes (I think the Almighty one).
  8. Who’s Amber? What cover?

  9. She released it first, but Cher's was a bit superior.
  10. God I love that barmy Amber.
  11. Song For The Lonely, truly timeless and shame it was denied the opportunity for more to be aware of it.
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  12. It was used on a Weight Watchers ad haha.
  13. Total un Popjustice!
  14. My Living Proof keepers:

    The Music's No Good Without You
    Alive Again
    (This Is) A Song For the Lonely
    A Different Kind of Love Song
    Love Is A Lonely Place Without You
    Real Love
    Love One Another
    You Take It All
    When The Money's Gone

    And yet it's really not my favourite! What a wallop it delivers.
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  15. If all those can't convince you, what is your favourite?!
  16. I love Body to Body, Heart to Heart too.
  17. Love Is A Lonely Place Without You. Flawlessness.

    What say you all about the extra tracks of this era, The Look and When You Walk Away? I can understand why they were left off, even if they’re not bad bad as such. Especially When You Walk Away was admittedly quite Metro by numbers.

    EDIT: I was just reminded by Discogs that When You Walk Away was not really an extra track, as it was on the US edition instead of You Take It All. This was insane, of course.
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  18. I’d say my biggest problem with Living Proof is the cover. After the gorgeousness that was the Believe cover, to that.
  19. "When You Walk Away" was one of my favorites off the album. I do hope they press a vinyl for it soon.
  20. My top 3:

    It's A Man's World
    Closer to the Truth

    I class below as being very high standard Cher.

    I Paralyze
    3614 Jackson Highway
    Living Proof

    Is LP your favourite? I can certainly get why it would be of course.
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