Is Cher The Greatest Human Being To Have Ever Lived?

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That is my favourite new song on the album. The uptempo numbers didn’t grab me at all. Although I love the message, Woman’s World is a very disappointing tour opener.
Sirens is nice but it really has nothing in the original. One of Cher’s weaker covers. The production needed to be more stripped back.
Is it anywhere on streaming because I remember it from The Very Best Of Cher and it routinely left me bald!
It came back onto streaming last year.

i asked Sony re: I Paralyze and whether the digital release could be extended to worldwide but it turns out they only hold rights to the US.
Finally found a fully lossless version of Don't Come Crying To Me, the track she inexplicably decided to leave off most pressings of the 1992 Greatest Hits. I win.

It's a certifiable bop - while she's probably the best person to have ever lived, she does have a remarkable poor taste for her own music.
Imagine thinking Different Kind Of Love Song isn’t single worthy!

My Living Proof singles run would have been:

Different Kind Of Love Song
When The Money’s Gone
The Music’s No Good Without You
You Take It All / Real Love (double A-side).
A Song For The Lonely.

A smash!
I could have sworn she tweeted about it being finished absolutely ages ago.

I'd try to search her tweets to find it, but anyone who has ever seen her Twitter will appreciate what a futile mission that would be.
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Yeah I do remember her saying the second album was practically done. However I think not only too much time has passed since Dancing Queen, but even Abba themselves have taken the spotlight with their own album.

For me the best option is to save it for whenever they do a third Mamma Mia film.
I didn’t remember she had said the album was almost done but she was definitely recording songs.

When it went quiet, my feeling was they decided it wasn’t good enough and chose not to release anything. Perhaps an opportunity to work on something more interesting for her came up?