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Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by Baby Clyde, Aug 5, 2006.


Is Cher The Greatest Human Being To Have Ever Lived?

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  1. I didn’t remember she had said the album was almost done but she was definitely recording songs.

    When it went quiet, my feeling was they decided it wasn’t good enough and chose not to release anything. Perhaps an opportunity to work on something more interesting for her came up?
  2. I think she revealed way back pre pandemic all the songs she had recorded (using emoji’s) and it was pretty much a full album. Then it all went quiet.

    But I also remember at some point during the pandemic she tweeted something about it which suggested it wasn’t scrapped.
  3. We don't need a second volume of ABBA covers. Cher albums are so infrequent I'd rather have new material. It was a cute idea for a one off after her role in Mamma Mia 2 but nothing from it stuck with me other than Gimme! Gimme! Gimme! (A Man After Midnight).
  4. Yes, there was some good cover choices on Dancing Queen (The Name Of The Game especially). But part 2, and 4 years later also (if not more by time it would come out), is not needed.
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  5. After watching Diana Ross last night, I think Cher would be the perfect choice for the Legends slot at Glastonbury. Imagine the setlist!
  6. God, she'd be incredible. And no disrespect to Ms Ross, who is obviously iconic, but I'd be fairly confident that Cher would absolutely nail it from a live vocal point of view as well.
  7. Taste! Surprised she hasn't too already. A natural choice.
  8. Good call on Glasto, and imagine being the act following that!
  9. And of course, both Cher and Diana Ross would have relationships with Gen Simmons from KISS, but, that's another story!
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  10. I'd love a round table with Cher, Diane and Bette...
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  11. Maybe not Bette after the last couple of days.
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  12. I really would rather Glasto ditch the legends daytime slot and give more performers of a certain age (particularly women) the chance to be a headliner. A condensed version of Cher's last tour would be incredible at night time on the Pyramid, and given the response Kylie got compared to other acts that year, she deserves to be invited back to give us lasers and bigger production too.
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  13. I’m still waiting for that Cher rock album.

    This is how she’s always worked though. She started a rock album, a country album, an ABBA 2 album, etc.

    She has a chronic illness that has set things back in the past. She’s had to take breaks due to it. So I’m used to her switching things up or things being delayed. Her memoir should be coming soon.

    I thought she announced that the ABBA album was shelved.
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  14. Gosh, yes. And her "explanation".
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  15. Been obsessed with this lately, should have been a single

  16. My favourite album track is Dangerous Times. I love everything about it ... except the chorus!

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  17. One word. TUNE!! Nice taste.
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  18. Working Girl is my go-to song after a shitty day at work. It gives me 80s movie vibes
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  19. Cher should have waited a year to release it so it could have been the other theme of the Melanie Griffith classic Working Girl. Although I adore Carly Simon's Let the River Run...
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