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Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by Baby Clyde, Aug 5, 2006.


Is Cher The Greatest Human Being To Have Ever Lived?

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  1. It was a single though - but it only got to #55.
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  2. was it? Blimey. Every days a school day.
    Deserved a much higher chart placing!
  3. It's slightly cheesy but I'll Never Stop Loving You is the single that got away for me in the rock Chera. When Lovers Become Strangers would also have been great as a single, she's never looked more beautiful than during that time so a video would have been amazing.
  4. It was a single in the US.
  5. Shook. Guessing no video though.
  6. Only this one from movie clips

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  7. No, but a single edit exists.

  8. I only just realized how loud the vocals are on the 1998 mix of We All Sleep Alone! It would have been so much better if Todd Terry had been given the dry vocal stems
  9. Is there an official tour version where it goes from the slow version to that one?
  10. Isn't the 1998 version a re-recording? I recall oversinging on that version, not on the original.
  11. I'm like 99.9% sure it's the original 1987 vocal but sped up for tempo reasons, at least on the verses. The tone and way she sings certain words is identical.
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  12. Speaking of remixes, I wonder if this is a early vocal take or a rerecording, it was released around 2000 I think
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  13. I think it's a mic feed from a live performance (if you listen closely you can hear drums and other instruments in the background). I've always wondered why that was used instead of the studio vocal!

    EDIT: yeah, it's from the Do You Believe? tour recording

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  14. I was always mega surprised they didn't have her re-record We All Sleep Alone, but I love the original vocal so much (arguably she was at a peak even if just in terms of the production matching her prowess and of course she was just untouchably iconic in a way no one had been before in my opinion). However, the husk had deepened quite a lot in those 10 years, so the switch is quite drastic to me. Todd Terry totally sprinkled his magic touch on it and especially the stream of conscious fantasia of Taxi Taxi (a track I'll never snap out of).
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  15. The I Paralyze album, despite being a flop, is actually very good and its absence from streaming services is just rude.

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  16. You can stream the expanded edition in the US!

    Also, the title track is one of her best 80s tracks! It’s a shame it was left off The Very Best of Cher.
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  17. What do you mean expanded edition?
  18. This edition.
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  19. Licensing issue for Europe? Shamefully, I've never heard I Paralyze.
  20. Oh wow. Thanks. I need that!
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