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Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by Baby Clyde, Aug 5, 2006.


Is Cher The Greatest Human Being To Have Ever Lived?

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  1. I Paralyze is my favourite 80s CHER album. It's perfect and I'm even surprised she didn't simply re-release or re-record it later on.
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  2. @YourLeadSinger unless you tell me otherwise, all I'm seeing is Gandalf-era Cher in your avatar? Mixed with The Scream of course.
  3. Scream! It’s King Ramses from Courage the Cowardly Dog but Yassified. I can’t find the original source anymore so I just kept it.
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  4. Let's get this to Xmas #1

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  5. Can Cher release a solo version that gets to #1 instead?
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  6. Totally camp in the best possible way this.
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  7. I love that you can hear her so clearly on Darlene's original (and the fact that she's stood behind the other singers to blend in).

    I think Dar ended up being a little bit bitter at Cher's career (she would go on to sing back up on tour for her and I'm sure officially they're very good friends, etc), but that's another story.
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  8. Is perfect, beautiful - My fave song is GAMES
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  9. I have to show you my Cher inspired drawings one day ;)
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  10. Sometimes I forger that Cher used to be an backing singer, she really has had such an long and legendary career.
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  11. I may have missed this discussion but is there any logic as to why her remastered 70's albums (including Stars) is not on Spotify but on YouTube?

    I am still hoping they will upload these at some point
  12. Thinking about The Cher Show on Broadway and bopping to the finale medley. Is there a remix of “Woman’s World” that is like the arrangement for the medley (@2:07)

    Also, they were all great but she ate that bit of the medley when I saw it live.
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  13. Island

    Island Staff Member

    I love that Cher just made a simple tweet.
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  14. Made my day. I love this album. I hope it includes the US album mixes and will include cds.
  15. Personally, I can live without the US album versions, but this is really exciting.
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  16. Exciting! I hope this is on CD too, I'd love all those club remixes gathered together in one place.
  17. Ooooh this is exciting! My second favourite Cher album (after Living Proof). I love, love, love it! It has such a warm vibe, I love that more organic, relaxed sound that she really only captured in that way on that one album. It suits her voice so well.

    As several others have said, I also really hope it's available on CD. It's the only physical format I can play. I would love something as comprehensive as the recent Tina Turner - Break Every Rule / Foreign Affair reissues/boxsets. Hopefully they've been something of an inspiration for this!

    Like @JamieHT I could live without the US album versions, but would love a slew of remixes. I was actually just listening to the Paradise Is Here remixes from the maxi single at the weekend- I have such a soft spot for the Eurodance Mix. Also the Junior Vasquez mixes of One By One are great.

    I'm excited! Roll on June!
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  18. It says Deluxe edition, so I really hope a cd version is on the way ! And I really hope other Cher reissues are coming ! MAdonna & Cher reissues in the same year ! WOW !
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