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Cheryl - 5th Studio Album & Singles

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Up Down Suite, Jan 3, 2016.

  1. I wouldn't place a bet on a No.1 but I wouldn't put her past achieving similar success as Rita Ora's "Your Song" last year.
  2. She will need to promote more,she’s not a priority artist anymore so they would easy let her go now ,as you said there’s no telling how she will do ,but the record label will want success, and her past gos against her 1 big hit ,then nothing and she stops promoting she can’t do that now. I hope it works but she’s not the uks sweetheart anymore.
  3. I liked how she promoted the third album, she actually put some effort in rather than the 3-4 big performances thats all.
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  4. But it will need to be more than that.
  5. I am guessing you mean more promotion than she's ever done for any of the albums ever before? In that case, yes it will. She'll have it harder than she's ever had it but luckily for her people still seem to be obsessed although less than before with her.
  6. Obsessed with her love life yes , but that never helped Victoria Beckham. But if she has the right song and the right promo campaign ,then there is no reason why it can’t work
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  7. RMK


    Okay, so when did Only Human get released on Spotify in the US? This is news to me.
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  8. Cheryl is apparently being lined up to play Roxie Hart in Chicago for a guest stint on the west end.
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  10. Mel B growled her way through the role a while back so she'll be grand!.
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  11. Her Spokesperson denied it, she just went to watch it nothing more.
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  12. One day you're just there the next you are the star of their show, Just ask Nadine and Tesco.
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  13. Kimberley should do it.
  14. ...should she?
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  15. So Raye said recently that she worked with Cheryl on a few songs and that "The music is really good. I’m really excited. I think she’s got something really exciting coming up that she really loves.".
    I mean, great, but I would love some actual information about how the music sounds like and when the fuck something is coming out ddd
  16. fight for this love musc video has been taken down on youtube, could this be something to do with her changing label?
  17. What a shame as she'll never get those views back.
  18. It is still showing on her Vevo channel just saying it isn't available, so if it gets fixed I am sure the views will be fine.

    Youtube are in the process of combining every singers Artist Channel with their Vevo Channel, so it could just be a hiccup with the merge.
  19. Any new/rumours on something coming out soon? I can't believe it's been 3 years since we've had any new music...
    I need a new single like yesterday.
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  20. RMK


    Does the US have a different view of play counts with Cheryl's discography on Spotify? I understand she's local to the UK, but her Spotify numbers are shockingly low. Crazy Stupid Love only has 16M?
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