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Cheryl Cole - 3 Words

Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by Matt, Mar 3, 2008.

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  1. upu


    #18 in today's midweek.
  2. Ouch.

    Well at least this is proof that Girls Aloud are, and forvever will be, better.
  3. Tommie

    Tommie Guest

    How likely is it to drop out of the top 20 completely?
  4. Well my timeline on twitter is flooded with 'download The Flood' campaigns / tweets so they're pretty dedicated, and I think it's risen a bit (to 26 though...) on iTunes.
  5. UK only sales

    As of December 26th 2010

    3 Words- 929,971

    As of January 2nd 2011

    Messy Little Raindrops- 426,682


    Fight For This Love- 935,339

    3 Words- 310,000 (old estimate)
    Parachute- 362,000 ( old estimate)
    Promise This- 382,578
    The Flood- 53,397

    Total UK sales- 3,399,967
  6. [​IMG]

    Cheryl Cole arriving at The Princes Trust do, as an ambassador for 'The Cheryl Cole Foundation'.

    She looks absolutely stunning.
  7. SBK


    *that photo is going to be deleted.

    What is the Cheryl Cole foundation? I'll leave the jokes to Silmane...... haha
  8. Cheryl Cole has given a SUBSTANTIAL amount of her own money to her foundation.
  9. SBK


    I kinda worked that out already, I mean what is it for? Underprivileged kids? Victims of physcial abuse? etc.
  10. Cheryl looks FLAWLESS as usual! :D

    She looks really happy too!
  11. On my iphone so I can't verify this but according to Daily Mail LA Reid has just confirmed Cheryl for the panel. It's a direct quote by the look of it so it must be true, surely!?
  12. I posted the article/link in her new album thread but OMG I PRAY ITS TRUE AND IN THE MORNING WE HAVE FULL CONFIRMATION.
  13. my problem is whever I click the link I get directed to the mobile version. I'd love to believe it's true and if they are direct quotes as they seem to be on the mobile version it should be. I still won't believe it until the official statement, though..i've been disappointed too many times. Plus it's the Mirror.
  14. I've taken a look at this. Theoretically this should be a confirmation but something isn't right about this.

    If true they would surely have made a bigger news story out of this. Other papers would've picked up on it and reported on it, and when LA Reid's appointment 'leaked' Simon Cowell confirmed it pretty soon.
  15. Hmmm that quote is bizarre. It DOES seem like solid confirmation from L.A Reid but as Glutton said shouldn't it have been splashed about by now?

    Well it looks like Digital Spy have picked up on it, but even they have a question mark behind the story, and all they ever do is re-hash other website's news.

    The only possible explanation could be that Simon has got LA Reid to leak it on purpose and now they are waiting for all the other newspapers/sites/gossip columns to rehash it and for people to discuss it on forums like these etc, only for Simon to confirm it later this week/month, and get even more people talking about it. Notice, that is what happened with LA Reid being confirmed. That way he gets double the publicity for what's basically one announcement.
  17. The other news sites are little slow on picking up this story.
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