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Cheryl Cole - 3 Words

Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by Matt, Mar 3, 2008.

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  1. You think.

    Come on it's clearly guff, they're building her up to knock her down. Surely you see that?
  2. Of course I see it. If it were anything real, there would've been front page news.
  3. SBK


    If it is true, I'd expect an 'official' announcement pretty soon.
  4. Whilst I like most of this album, listening back to it this morning I realised how cheap some of the product is... The auto-tuning in particular is quite evident and basic. I didn't hear it at the time but... I guess is used to having to auto-tune everything.
  5. I...for whatever reason...was listening to a Cheryl Best Of on Spotify the other day and forgot a fair number of bops from over the years but Heaven (and some other debut album tracks) came on and it truly is...dire.
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  6. Don't Talk About This Love was her Shania moment
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  7. Cheryl should avoid ballads.
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  8. Fun facts (if not previously posted).

    'Break Your Heart' was written for Cheryl, at the same time as 'Stand Up' but was rejected as it was apparently too similar to 'Heartbreaker'. Taio released the song himself and it ended up going to no.1 in the UK/US charts;

    'Parachute' was written (and later record and released) by Ingrid Michaelson;

    'Heaven' contains a sample of 'Is You' by D.I.M.;

    The demo of 'Happy Hour' performed by Priscilla Renea (some said it was written with Rihanna in mind);

    It interpolates elements of Renaldo Domino's 'Nevermore';

    'Don't Talk about This Love' was written by Daniel/Natasha Bedingfield's little sister, Nikola for her debut EP;

    'Boy Like You' features a sample of Fleetwood Mac's 'Little Lies';
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  9. To this day, 3 Words is amazing for me from start to finish - 10/10. She stormed it for me. Perfect singles. It was a ideal start to any solo career.
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  10. She actually could have easily released another two singles. I knew she'd mentioned being keen on 'Rain on Me' being released (which makes sense) but I also have a fondness for 'Happy Hour' which could have got the single edit treatment and maybe a rapper included for release.
  11. Does anyone else hear “It’s like I could drown In Syphallis” on Dont Talk about This Love?
  12. I remember some clamor for "Stand Up" as a single.
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  13. 3 Words has no skips on it for me, even including the b-sides
  14. I love this Cialis bootleg but also STD-curing drug.
  15. The lead single was a skip. The title track was a skip.
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  16. 3 Words was a brilliant debut. From start to finish. I was SO impressed. FFTL, 3 Words and Parachute were perfect singles but i wouldn't have been against a Stand Up 4th single too...
  17. Nooooo.

    Whilst I wasn't a huge fan of Fight for This Love it was a great song. 3 Words is decent but I'm still not sure it should have been a single...
  18. I would agree but as I said before, 3 Words as a single didn't ever resonate with me.

    I think, a better option may have been;

    01. Fight for This Love
    02. Parachute
    03. Happy Hour (feat. XXX) [new single edit]
    04. Stand Up
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  19. 3 Words is the strongest track out of that terribly rushed album and I won't hear a word against it. I remember hearing "Fight For This Love" for the first time and being mortified at how that song was picked out by her after performing incredible material for years.
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  20. I absolutely hated Fight For This Love when it came out and I still don't love it today. She sounds so unengaged singing it.
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