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Cheryl Cole - 3 Words

Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by Matt, Mar 3, 2008.

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  1. Fight For This Love sounds like a demo or something, but it was clearly the right choice. Although I think anything she released as the first single would have caught on in the same way.
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  2. I mean, it was always going to be difficult following Girls Aloud/Xenomania productions. Unless her solo material was also produced by them (but if it was, what would be the point, right?) She needed her own sound and although it maybe wasn't as cool and edgy as Girls Aloud it had impact and people enjoyed the song and it's message.

    I personally prefer Promise This (and I actually really like that album, despite all the hate it receives).
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  3. I gave this album a listen the other night for the first time in maybe 3-4 years. It really has some turds among the gems. The singles really stand out for being far stronger than the rest, but I have always had a soft spot for Heaven and Stand Up.
  4. Happy Hour is nice… is Don't Talk About This Love.

    It's amazing her life and singles have pretty much matched with everything she's done.

    3 Words...Getting back together with Ashley
    Parachute......Derek Hough
    Promise This....Malaria
    Call My Name....Name change from CC/CT to just C
    Under The Sun.....Dancing with Tre
    Crazy Stupid Love….Jean-FV

    I know songs are personal as for most artists...but it's really been a big arc for her personally.
  5. No.
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  6. My issue with the song 3 Words is it’s hard to hear her over the music most of the time. I’m still not sure what she says in most of the song.
  8. 3 Words (the song) was better than it had any right to be, even with's inclusion. Those guitars make up for him and more.
  9. It's a good song it just didn't feel like a single to me.
  10. Fight For This Love is one of my all fine favorite song sii guess I disagree with most of you...
  11. So this album is 10 years old in October. I doubt anything will happen but would be cool to get an album re-issue and maybe a vinyl?
  12. Rain on Me and Happy Hour should have been singles also.
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  13. I can't believe it's nearly 10 years since one of the worst lead singles ever.
  14. I would totally buy that if it happened.

    She should go for the GH. She needs it to remind people of her and it might just do what it did for Girls her music career.
  15. The only way I can see people buying that is if CD1 is greatest hits and CD2 is new material. Just releasing a Cheryl GH on it's own, with no new material, would like sink like a massive brick.
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  16. I can't post in the Cheryl thread in main forum, but anybody find it odd that the remixes for Let You, especially the Cahill remix, sample the demo? With the similar sound effects from LMMDI.... and the vocal tracks especially in the first verse.
  17. Stand Up yes! Heaven is a turd.

    Stand Up and Don’t Talk About This Love could have been singles
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