Cheryl Cole - Messy Little Raindrops

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JamieLyn said:
Vashetti said:
Okay, for those interested, I've cut down the album to a 7-track EP:

1. Promise This
2. Live Tonight
3. The Flood
4. Amnesia (Should have been the album title)
5. Hummingbird
6. Happy Tears
7. Waiting (The piano in this one sounds like it was nabbed from the opening bars of Hello Seattle by Owl City)

It's actually sampling this:

Ah, thank you!

I remember that song from my childhood...

Deleted member 3416

Promise This = Lush, has grown on me
Yeah, Yeah = Awful, hate it, tuneless to me
Live Tonight = Okay, think this has potential to grow on me
The Flood = Good, it's growing on me but still think its her weakest single yet
Amnesia = Really good
Everyone = Good
Raindrops = Ouch some of the vocals on this... but think its quite a cute song
Hummingbird = I like the middle 8 but the chorus annoys me and its really generic
Better to Lie = hmmm this bored me too cos its so generic and unexciting
Let's Get Down = Really love this one
Happy Tears = Starts off strong but chorus is a bit bland
Waiting = Yes! Good stuff

So overall its stronger than 3 Words, but the 5 songs I liked on 3 Words are stronger than all the tracks so maybe I need the tracks to grow on me but there are a few good ones, her voice sounds much weaker though.
So I actually had a better listen of all the tracks and there are some songs that I am beginning to like. 'Live Tonight' has started to grow on me however does anyone think that it kind of sounds a tad like Alesha Dixon's "Radio"? Another grower for me would have to be 'Happy Tears'. I also liked 'Waiting' from an initial first listen. But overall, it was a bit 'meh' for me.
01. Promise This
I still think it's brilliant. Sad with a strange structure yet also uplifting and upbeat.

02. Yeah Yeah
Love it. Euphoric, clubby and fun.

03. Live Tonight is shockingly not annoying on this track. Pretty subdued for one of his tracks as well. Cheryl sounds beautiful on the verses, in my opinion. Nothing groundbreaking, but it's short and sweet.

04. The Flood
I wanted to hate this so bad, but I can't. Yes, it's slightly generic, but it's also one of Ryan Tedder's strongest productions in awhile. I love the imagery in the lyrics, the acoustic guitar, the synthy breakdown, etc. The vocals are of course the weak point but I can manage to overlook it on this.

05. Amnesia
This song is the one I've found lodged my head most often, ironic considering the title of it.

06. Everyone (feat. Dizzee Rascal)
The dubsteppy beat is interesting, but Dizzee saves this song in my opinion. It has a nice uplifting message to it, but I'm kind of bored of hearing about Cheryl's rags-to-riches story (perhaps you can blame that on the media).

07. Raindrops
Am I the only one that absolutely loves this? The music is lush and gorgeous. Her vocals can be grating in a few parts, but overall, I think this song is a successful move in a different direction for Cheryl. It's very refreshing placed in the middle of beat-based pop.

08. Hummingbird
Nothing groundbreaking, but it's nice and enjoyable. I like the referencing of various birds. What can I say, I'm easily pleased.

09. Better To Lie
One of my favorites on the album. I'm surprised because I know most will think it's generic, but something about this song is so attractive to me. I love the piano breakdown right before the final choruses. Also, August Rigo is great as well. I can't believe I'm loving the collaborations on this album.

10. Let's Get Down
I expected to hate this. However, it's Cheryl doing trashy dance. It's restrained, cool, and full of energy. The 'niggas get out of here' line is a bit cringeworthy considering... well, you know. Other than that, this is fantastically trashy and fun. Also, it's placed in the album rather strategically in my eyes as otherwise I might be getting a bit bored by this point.

11. Happy Tears
In my opinion, this sounds like a subtle replica of 'Should I Go' by Brandy, but oh well. I enjoyed 'Should I Go' and therefore I enjoyed 'Happy Tears'. It's obviously a relatable song to Cheryl and it's nice hearing a sense of vulnerability to her voice.

12. Waiting
Can I just say I love the intro to this? The 'A Million Miles' sample is also quite unique and pleasing to the ear. Everything else about this song has kind of gone in one ear and out the other, but I'm sure it will become a standout once I give it a bit more time. A strong finish to a surprisingly good album.

Overall, I guess the best part about having low expectations for an album is that, chances are, you won't be disappointed. I'm not, and I think this is a stronger release than '3 Words' by far. Well done, Cheryl. I'm back on board.
My word. I thought she's really up her game after the dud of an album '3 words'. Clearly not though, this is another filler filled album.
I still only like "Waiting" and "Better To Lie". I think "The Flood" could grow on me.
Overall it's boring, but I think it's better then "3 Words".
For some reason the album lacks something and 3 Words was a little better,maybe a few months from now I'll love all the songs but for now the best song other than Promise This and is well addictive is Amnesia......That's the only one i can listen to a million times and won't get tired.
erm, the album is ok... i hoped for more since I'm purchasing it anyway.

Promise This and The Flood are amazing... Everyone is quite great... the rest is quite forgettable... sad but true.

And by the way, ahahahaha is she really singing ''all my ladies, all my girls... all my honeys, all my bitches''? hahaha it caught me by surprise and i LOVE it... Yeah, Let's Get Down is great... her rap is great...

And well Happy Tears's lyrics make me like the song... Yeah Yeah and Waiting (especially Waiting) are good too...

the rest is, erm, ok...! Nothing near as brilliant as 3 Words (the song!) but still ok. It will grow on me though I wanted something that doesn't need growing but oh well...
-DK- said:
IgotYOUcrazy said:
Does Will.I.Am say he'd rather hang out with "the faggots"?
In Let's Get Down? That wouldn't surprise me. He says "ni**as" like 3 times in that song. It's garbage.

I think he says 'figures figures'. He talks about models in the next line, so... I'm not exactly sure though.

I feel really weird for liking this album.
euphoria. said:
-DK- said:
IgotYOUcrazy said:
Does Will.I.Am say he'd rather hang out with "the faggots"?
In Let's Get Down? That wouldn't surprise me. He says "ni**as" like 3 times in that song. It's garbage.

I think he says 'figures figures'. He talks about models in the next line, so... I'm not exactly sure though.

I feel really weird for liking this album.

I actually really like the album, I think it has a real romance too it, I just feel like sometimes it doesn't quite hit the mark it. It gets really close and I was like oh yes this bit is going too be brilliant... and then it was just OK. But I do like it, not terrible, not great.
I know plenty of members here are bitter about Cheryl's Will.I.Am relationship/collaborations, but I think they make a cute team and I've loved all the tracks he's done with her.
I've listened to it a few times now (took me bloody ages to track it down!).

Promise This: Still love this.

Yeah Yeah: I think this is great, so much fun. It put me in a good mood.

Live Tonight: I don't really like this one. It's a bit boring and the "dee dum dum" bits are really irritating. Will.I.Am's presence doesn't help matters.

The Flood: I think this is lovely and I love all the water imagery in the lyrics. She sounds really young in the verses.

Amnesia: Sounds more like something I'd expect Rihanna to do than Cheryl, but in a very good way. It also makes me want to dance about like a twat, which is always a plus.

Everyone: It doesn't really stand out to me yet but it's still pretty good.

Raindrops: I can't understand half of what she says to be honest, but I still really like it, and (I'm probably in the minority here) I absolutely love how she sounds on it, especially on all the drawn out "loo-oo-oo-ove"s . This will probably end up being my favourite track.

Hummingbird: I love all the twinkly noises in the background and the piano on the middle 8. Perhaps not one of the standouts, but still very pleasant to listen to.

Better To Lie: Still reminds me of N-Dubz- Best Behaviour. I really like this one, it's one of my favourites.

Let's Get Down: I should hate everything about this, but I really like it. Even Will.I.Am's rap doesn't annoy me, except for a few questionable word choices. Cheryl sing-rapping "All my ladies...all my girls, all my honeys, all my birds, all my bitches, all my ladies" is just a brilliant moment.

Happy Tears: The lyrics to this are excellent. The song itself feels a bit ploddy at times, but otherwise it's quite lovely and I really like the backing music. Also the part when she whispers "Those were happy tears" is great.

Waiting: I find the "Waitin' around all of the time" line really irritating, but the rest of it is great. I love the "Another world, another life..." part in particular.

Overall, it's much better than I expected it to be from the clips. I'm pleasantly surprised that I've come away liking all but one song- when I first heard 3 Words all the way through I only initially liked six songs.
Pure crap! I thought Three Words was terrible, but I didn't think her music could get any worse. Some good melodies did appear, but terrible cheese lyrics can ruin the whole song; see Happy Tears.

So much potential gone to waste. It's a good think Cheryl has that "X Factor" because her beauty is the only thing that is going to sell this shit.
I'm surprised noone mentioned this before, but to me Better To Lie sounds VERY Knocks You Down.

The album isn't as bad as the clips made it sound to be, and I'm sure most of it (save for Raindrops, it's this year's Make Me Cry) will grow on me over time.
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