Cheryl Cole - Messy Little Raindrops

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The singles run really should be looking like this:

1. 'Promise This'
2. 'Yeah Yeah' feat. Travie McCoy
3. 'The Flood'
4. 'Waiting'
5. 'Live Tonight'

Et voila!
Someboy said:
Isn't the album essentially over? I thought that was the point of all breakfast's "Cheryl just wants a break" posts.

Surely ending the campaign after 2 singles is very premature?


beccam22 said:

That video just sums up Cheryl in one word SHITE!!!!

Well done to people for buying this amateruish crap and making her number one.

I just got shivers of horror when I watched that video. Just awful. She never once opened her eyes it seems. Maybe she was ill? We can't even compare this to the Promise This X-Factor performance. Sure that was mimed, but her stage presence is completely different as well.

To me, that's what it's about. I don't really care she can't sing. Her stage presence is amazing, she works it, (some of) her songs are incredible. That's why I buy her "amateurish crap".
Her eyes are closed because she's putting all her effort into singing, no?

It also wasn't a televised performance, it was for Radio 1 so all she could do was sing. It is what it is, popstars aren't always suited to things like Live Lounge because it's not really 'pop' (in the same way an X-Factor performance is), you can't put on a show, you can't have effects on your voice and you can't mime.
blaze_dave said:
I'm not a Cheryl fan but I didn't think that was that bad, sounded ok to me. She did ok for live lounge.

Definitely. I'm not a massive fan of Cheryl but it really wasn't that bad. I've heard a lot worse from Radio 1 'cool' bands on that will sing their/his/her song and sing it completely out of tune but then it's genius.
i think that was a great performance voice-wise for her, she is a terrible singer so her standards live are obviously low but i think she nailed it in that live lounge performance, plus i think the song is very pleasant.
Am I the only one who doesn't think Cheryl is a terrible singer? She's not exactly Kelly Clarkson - we all know that - but I find she actually knows what she's doing as a singer when compared to a few other pop stars out there at the moment.
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