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Cheryl (Cole)

Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by daveblackwell2k4, May 17, 2007.

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  1. It will be 'insert male vocalist that has authentic, raw, gritty bluesy voice that works with EDM* and you will deal.
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  2. I think we possibly could have music by this time next month!!?
  3. Harking back to the conversation a page or so back about Cheryl's recent interviews and how she seems to have lost her spark, I just came across this interview and I actually really enjoyed it, she seems relaxed and less guarded, which is nice.

    I wonder if it is because she has Mel with her and she doesn't feel like its all on her, like back in the GA days the sole focus wasn't on her and she had the other girls around her to take some of the questions.

    Also 12mins 38secs is hilarious.
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  4. What is this assumption based on??
  5. Do you think things were delayed earlier this year?

    She seemed to be everywhere in the Spring, just looked at all the events/places she attended.


    I remember at the time we thought this meant she was coming back, as it is unusual for Cheryl to be so active and in the spotlight when she doesn't have anything to promote, ie like right now, she has disappeared basically. I was convinced they were actively raising her profile again after X Factor in preparation for a music comeback, which I thought would be on BGT.

    She even said in an interview at Cannes she was returning home and would probably shoot a music video in a couple of weeks, that doesn't appear to have happened. Plans must have changed.
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  6. She was just promoting her relationship with Liam.
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  7. Even if they are a PR creation, surely the point of it is to raise their profiles in preparation for something, neither needed it right at that time as neither were promoting anything. It would make sense to 'promote' it when one of them are peddling music.
  8. People going on about bloody PR relationships need to just not.
  9. Why?
  10. It just seems...a reach. Like ok there is probably mutual benefits but I'm sure they're a real couple.

    Plus it kind of seems to be another way of demeaning a woman in the way you don't see with a guy.
  11. I mean.. they're a real thing, a very common thing, and they're not exclusive to female celebs so I'm not sure how it's demeaning. It's not necessarily something nefarious like being a beard or whatever, it's just a practical way of raising and maintaining highly lucrative media profiles.
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  12. I don't actually believe it is a PR relationship, just responding to Larsen's point that even if it was it made no sense to be pushing it at that time when 'neither' of them had music to promote, Cheryl wasn't singled out.

    Also PR relationships are a thing, so are we never allowed to entertain the possibility of that?
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  13. I just...I dunno find it all a little bit off when she is pretty damn private about her life. I get it with Taylor, less so Cheryl.
  14. I wasn't really pointing at promoting new music: But I saw it as a sort of "Look how happy I am right now!" to both Jean Bernard and the general public.
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  15. Pretty sure that was just a form of "Hey look, I'm doing great" because without being rude, at the end of 2015 she looked awful and everyone was saying it.
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  16. Yeah I suppose that could be true.

    I still think its more likely they had music on the horizon, especially with her comments about shooting a music video.
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  17. Maybe it was to do with the feature that was supposed to be on the horizon.
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  18. They could also have been testing the waters and gauging public reaction.
  19. There are yet more reports in the press this week that she's either pregnant or trying for a baby. I know 99% of what's written is crap but I actually wouldn't be surprised if she has a baby within the next year or so, which could explain why she doesn't seem in any hurry to put new music out.
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