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Cheryl (Cole)

Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by daveblackwell2k4, May 17, 2007.

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  1. Exactly.

    Music has kinda moved on from Greatest Hits apart from the older generation.
  2. Gratest Hits collection? In the time of Apple Music and Spotify and TIDAL? Really?
  3. She could certainly put a good marketing spin on a greatest hits given that she has five number 1s which would look good on a album cover sticker.

    Let's face it it would likely sell better than a fifth studio album.
  4. Not even I would want a Greatest Hits, as has been said there is no point in them now. If she wants to package an album or a mini album with a Greatest Hits CD then OK, I just want something new. Something new that's more than two tacked on songs.
  5. Also, a Greatest Hits is something you release nine months after your last album. Not after two years of silence.
  6. But what about that Greatest Hits Tour?! Not necessarily for Cheryl but for other artists that are in dire need of a tour only to play the hits!
  7. I'd love her to comeback with something new like Something New. What a song.
  8. have you all seen the Stormflower Platinum Advert?

    is the song? one of her's possibly or not?
  9. I had the same thought and 'Shazamed' it and it led to another singer/band, can't remember who though.
  10. Is it just me who thinks it weird that she has apparently even cancelled her annual Calendar, that she has been doing for 7 years?

    I would not be surprised if she didn't do anything this year.
  11. BZZ


    So, no one attack me i'm not a hater i actually like her (even though her music isn't available in the US) but i never knew she lip-synced. I always thought she was just really really good. I only watched her X Factor performances.

    I had no idea until i read through some of the comments. I was shook.

    When is her new album coming out?
  12. She probably should have only ever lip synced.

    I pinpoint that live performance with Gary Barlow as the moment she fully exposed her weakness as a vocalist to the masses.

    She kind of winged it before that to many I feel.
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  13. I Don't Care is the bop that keeps on bopping. Unpopular opinion but I really loved Cheryl and thought she was strong during that era-lite*.

    *because it's never a full era tbf.
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  14. I_CANNOT_USE_REAL_WORDS_PROPERLY_ at me legitatemtely disappointed at this news. I adore her calendars.

    I'm such a Stan sometimes.
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  15. I hope she at least releases a single, I need another big pop/dance performance from her.
  16. We don't need no Greatest Hits collection since that would bomb all over the place. What she needs is to extend an era into 3 hits and then unleash an album full of ditties. I need my dose of Cheryl.
  17. I'm actually really starting to think she might be pregnant. The calendar must bring in a lot of money for not that much work so I can't think of many plausible reasons why she wouldn't do it? Add that to the lack of promised music, her absence from social media, no recent public appearances etc...

    I hate that I'm starting to sound like the Daily Mail.
  18. If Liam has knocked her up, that would be crazy. I didn't think things were that serious honestly.

    I hope she goes fully pop again, actually. I've listened to nothing but Girls Aloud greatest hits today and while I love her solo work, I want some feel good yet not generic music again. Only Human didn't cut it for me outside of I Don't Care.
  19. At the risk of sounding un-feminist, I doubt a woman in her thirties who has openly spoken about wanting children for the last 10 years would stay in a relationship this long if she didn't see a future in it.

    That's assuming it isn't all one big publicity stunt, in which case they should hurry up and get that #1 collaboration out.
  20. It reeks of PR and publicity stunt. If that turns out to be true, I hope their inevitable duet flops.
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