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Cheryl (Cole)

Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by daveblackwell2k4, May 17, 2007.

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  1. Her new R&B podcast is getting some Twitter backlash tonight.

    Becky Hill apparently posted something derogatory but deleted it. Mighty Hoopla will have an interesting back stage atmosphere.
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  2. I think it was Becky calling Cheryl a racist, or sharing a post that called Cheryl a racist.
  3. I didn’t want to say anything but I just knew this was gonna happen as soon as I saw her post about it.
  4. To say she hasn’t apologised is just a reach.
  5. MNEK is defending Becky Hill's remarks because he's her friend. I know Cheryl has discussed the incident at length in the past.
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  6. MNEK needs to gather his facts and spend less time defending a mediocre white girl who used the hard r N word publicly ddd the clownery.
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  7. It’s okay, Becky can enjoy her lovely middle of the day 2.30pm slot and then go home before Cheryl has even arrived to headline.

    It’s stupid to even bring that incident up after so long, plus was it ever even proven as a racially motivated incident? I didn’t think it was but may be wrong?
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  8. Honestly BBC should have known better than to give her this show nn, even without the background it's not a great look to give a white woman who makes pop music a show about R&B. I know Cheryl is a fan (she also likes indie music!) but couldn't they find an actual Black British R&B singer to host?
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  9. It's not just about the attack though, it's also the fact that Cheryl, a white woman is hosting a show about R&B music. There have been tweets about it all day.

  10. She was found not guilty for that part. She served community service and was charged with assault. That seems worth far more than a Twitter apology.
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  11. Especially after 15+ years when she has apologised multiple times in the time prior to now also. Ridiculous.
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  12. I can understand this absolutely, and I do agree, however a lot of people’s opinions are hanging on the incident back in the day which I don’t think is really fair.

    Again, this all being brought up from a ‘pop star’ who has tweeted many racial and homophobic slurs in the past and is now desperately backtracking on Twitter now that people have also pointed out her mistakes too.
  13. Yeah I would have never associated Cheryl with R'n'B nn. Like, if they really wanted a white singer, they could have asked somebody more prepared on the subject anyway. Hell, Katy B was right there, ready to instruct the Brits about Aaliyah.

    It all feels very "J.Lo does Motown tribute".
  14. To be clear: I’m not referencing the podcast, I was addressing the claims from people on Twitter saying that she never apologised for the assault specifically (the Jameela Jamil one is dreadful).
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  15. What I'm not understanding is this sudden narrative that Cheryl marrying Ashley was purely to save her image and to "prove" she isn't racist?
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  16. I find it quite frustrating reading the comments on Twitter. I think there’s certain people out there that look to label people racist regardless of facts, it fits a certain narrative. It’s quite hard to read.
    I kind of get the points about why weren’t black artists asked. They may of been? I suppose we won’t know. People consume music in different ways, Cheryls always been vocal about being a fan of R’N’B, I just can’t understand why people think it has to be a black women talking about it and a white women shouldn’t discuss it. Even with the history of R’N’B.
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  17. Is it sudden? I’m American so I only knew of Girls Aloud around the Chemistry era but I would read this on pop music forums constantly when her marriage came up.

    What I don’t get is saying she’s never made an “R&B record” when her debut solo single was “Fight For This Love” which was very much in vein of RnB music at the time.
  18. ‘You, Me & Cutting Edge, Game Changing Electro-Pop Girl Band Bangers’

    would have been more fitting.
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  19. What is Jameela getting so excited about? She is like a dog with a bone.
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