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Cheryl (Cole)

Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by daveblackwell2k4, May 17, 2007.

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  1. I avoid Twitter at all costs so that's fine!
  2. I was just reminding everyone that she was cleared of racial charges, because in the era of Twitter it is easy to rewrite history or to take fake information for facts. But of course people are free to think whatever they want, and if you want to think she is a racist, that's up to you.
    As for 2., I said I respect everyone's opinion on it so yes, I'm not offended AT ALL if you think this show is a mistake.
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  3. I've not been banned? And... I'll post when and where I like, thanks. You might want to re-read the rules

    Stay on topic. Don’t start personal or aggressive arguments

    We have a no smiley/emoji rule
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  4. I will say, I didn’t hear anything resembling an apology in this interview. Most of it was spent discussing what a tough time it’s been for Cheryl. So as far as I can tell, she has yet to ever apologize for the assault.

    Also, regardless of her being found innocent of the attack being racially motivated in any way, there is good reason for people feeling like a young, prominent white woman assaulting an older Black working class woman, unprovoked, would be inherently discriminatory.

    All that aside, it was not a smart decision having a white person front a show that is meant to serve as a love letter to R&B when countless Black artists could benefit from (and offer more to) the subject matter. BBC should be called out for it, as well as Cheryl for agreeing to take part.
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  5. Did Piers Morgan ever bring it up on his show? Didn't he interview her for his Life Stories show?
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  6. Some of you riding so hard for Cheryl on this and trying to deflect saying "well Becky can hardly talk" as if she hasn't openly and plainly apologised and expressed regret multiple times whilst the most Cheryl has EVER given is a "I'm sorry it happened / I can't talk about it due to legalities / it's boring now" is... disappointing but not surprising.
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  7. Because people who are rich and famous and have committed serious crimes before always get found guilty, right?
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    Okay, y'all are gonna take a break xx
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