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Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by DiamondDust, Mar 13, 2008.

  1. Anything other than well-attended arena tours lose money unless you're a singer playing guitar and that's it.
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  2. And it was a FAN MADE VIDEO..

    She really can’t be bothered eh?
  3. That's in the wrong context and makes it looks like she's laughing about going on tour when that reply was posted straight after her Manchester Pride set, and the person who said 'just got ticket's' is basically saying it because her set was so good.
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  4. The lyrics of Fight For this Love could have been reworked to be less cringe. It should have been YOU Gotta Fight for MY Love. She’s the one that got cheated on and had the power. Instead, it’s very conservative “welp - we’re married and said vows, so we have to work it out mutually.”
  5. To be fair this was made and released way before all the cheating rumour's came to light. I think it was just the one cheating rumour at first. I understand where you're coming from but it made sense the way the song is. This love makes sense because its relationship she's talking about fighting for. I remember when it came out about all the other women he had been cheating on Cheryl with and it was around the time of the Brits performance (maybe even the day of it) and Cheryl kind of changed the song up with a darker tone and it was good.
  6. The cheating rumours came about before Can’t Speak French. They went onto do another album and 3 more singles before Fight For Love Love came out. Unless it was written a couple of years before?
  7. That was the first cheating rumours and then they were together and working it through so everything was fine again.

    It was at the start of 2010 that women started coming forward with hard evidence he’d been legitimately unfaithful - it was actually just before her BRITS performance that everything kind of blew up.
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  8. Wasn’t the Brits the first time she never wore her wedding ring as some kind of statement? Something like that anyway.
  9. Nick Knight did that on the cover of the album. And then they added that logo.
  10. Yeah just the one rumour, but like AbCF15 said they where working through it up until the time Fight For This Love came out. No idea when it was written though as I'm not entirely sure but I don't think it was actually made for Cheryl, rather she heard the song and wanted it. I may be wrong on the song though.
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  11. How was her RuPaul's episode?
  12. Diane Warren is quaking!
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  13. Not bad. She didn't really have much to say but there were a few funny moments between her and Michelle.
  14. Rob


    I think a demo for the song leaked around the time and it was originally for another (male?) artist.
  15. She said she has enough material for an album, sooo give us Chezza
  16. She’s also the guest on Ru Paul’s podcast this week. Nothing especially revelatory or interesting comes up in their conversation but it’s a nice listen if you have the time, 20-30 mins of her chatting about Bear, being in a girl band, The Greatest Dancer etc.

    After years of seeing her in these really intense interviews about her personal life I found it quite nice to hear her just having a conversation in a relatively chilled environment.
  17. We learned she has a full album done, but it seems like she doesn’t know what to do in the streaming era. Since her last two singles didn’t chart well, we may never get an album.

    She needed a stronger return than Love Made Me Do It. Let You is a very good second single that should have followed a banger like Call My Name. It should have been a fast album drop/tour announcement/TV performance all in one week.
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  18. Can someone just tell her she needs to hustle, perform, and promote? That’s what you do in the streaming era.
  19. She's never been arsed with hustling, post-Girls Aloud. I mean, her whole MO as a solo artist has been to put out a big sounding lead single, perform it on X Factor then sling out a sub-par album and one or two singles which are allowed to sink like a stone.

    Now X Factor is fucked her solo career is pretty much done I reckon. Still, she'll always have a career as Hello and OK fodder. Or alternatively she could recall the girls for a reunion.
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