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Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by DiamondDust, Mar 13, 2008.

  1. Potentially yes, I think it’s quite hard for artists to walk away though. It’s hard to know what role 3Beats played in the creation of the music or if they were just due to release it. If she owns the music etc she still may release I’d of thought. I don’t know if Cheryl will risk it to be honest because of how much she gets hammered in the press.
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  2. It’s 21 degrees out and I’m in the garden blasting under the sun - it feels like 2012 again she’s quite an underrated bop I think. Criminal second single but a bop nevertheless
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  3. I like the verses and bridge but think the chorus is a bit flat.
  4. Miss You (By Demand) incoming!
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  5. I totally see what you mean - doesn’t help that it followed Call My Name which was an absolute banger
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  6. I was so excited to see her do the Pride circuit this year, especially after her amazing set in Manchester last year.

    I hope she signs up for the 2021 festivals!
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  7. I noticed Manchester pride has been uploading a lot of performances from the pride events from the last two years, maybe even more. Do we think that Cheryl's may get uploaded as I'm sure that would be an in demand performance. Ariana too.
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  8. TMI


    what is the channel ?

  9. Yesterday was Let You 's video it's first birthday! Let's give it an extra play!
    It's still a tune!
  10. I know tracking only began in 2014, so I guess it’s impressive it’s even that high, but I expected Fight for this Love to be higher. Also surprised Call My Name isn’t top 3!

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  11. So... is Cheryl done with music?
  12. I still think Only Human was a solid album. Shame it was her least successful, it probably had the most potential singles.
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  13. I recall her saying that Let You would have its peak months down the line after release.

    She was probably taken aback that number 57 was indeed its peak position.

    I think shes done and Girls Aloud will be her next assocation with music.

    She had a good run with 4 albums on the same record deal.
  14. 4 albums is more than the vast majority of ex band members ever get, not to mention the amount of #1s for a British solo female either.
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  15. I was looking forward to the album/EP. She could’ve put it online for streaming and focus on touring but I don’t think she cares. Which can be a good thing, it’ll make her more hungry/passionate for a Girls Aloud reunion.
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  16. Yes.
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  17. When was this recently? Or before Let You!?
  18. Surely a good move for her would be a Greatest Hits tour, solo? If they packaged the tour promo correctly and didn’t overestimate her demand (theatres everywhere, maybe an arena show in Newcastle) she could easily fill 4-5k theatres I’d have thought?

    Mind you again that’s irrelevant if she wants the quiet life which she has rightly earned at this point. She may see theatres as a step down too as the last time she performed in one on tour was like, 2005?

    I agree with everyone above, she will lay low and get back with Girls Aloud for a big arena tour and that’ll probably be the next time we hear from her tbh.
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  19. I can definitely see her filling some theatres - there's still a fanbase there and a touch of nostalgia around her music. I really hope after doing these Pride shows she gets a taste for being back on stage again.

    I would absolutely pay to see Cheryl killing it!
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