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Cheryl - General Discussion

Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by daveblackwell2k4, May 17, 2007.

  1. *eye roll* as if. Why does she have to do any reality show?
  2. *unrolls your eyes *

    to make money , exposure , and or remind people she is still around my lovely .
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  3. Wow. Some of you love living in a fantasy world, don't you? X
  4. She’s making money and everyone is fully aware of her.
  5. I'm pretty sure her bank balance is doing just fine and the people that care about Cheryl know she is "still around".
  6. After reading this page I'm glad Cheryl isn't following the popjustice armchair school of popstar management.
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  7. I love Cheryl, don't get me wrong, but her descent to the D-list is real. It doesn't matter that she was the biggest popstar in the UK a decade ago.

    Ricki Lake was one of the top 5 most recognizable people in the WORLD and couldnt get past week 2 on Celeb X Factor. Nicole Scherzinger had multiple number 1 radio hits in the US and was on Dancing with the Stars a couple of years later, and then went back to being a judge on talent shows in the UK. The 'rules' aren't rules anymore.
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  8. RJF


    I feel like some of you confuse the idea of her having her soul media trained out of her over the years with... the fact that she’s now in her late thirties, has been in the public eye for twenty years with wildly varying ups and downs personally, and these days probably just wants a quiet life with her son.
  9. Yeah, people are longing for the personality she exuded during the days when she was stepping in animal shit trekking up Greek mountains with the girls or communicating with ghosts in a haunted castle... and are disappointed or surprised when she’s ten years the wiser and understandably in situations less... intentionally inflammatory?

  10. She's ready.

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  11. Wow, she said that with some determination!
  12. Rob


  13. Me making up for the chart injustice this year.

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  14. It was my #1 most played song this year, I didn’t realise how hooked I was!
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  15. Same for me! She at least did that.
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  16. This song gets better and better for me - the chorus pops into my head at random times almost every day
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  17. Let You was my most played song of the year too. I really was hooked.

    Imagine if it got promo.
  18. Serving number one realness! Ha it was my number 2 most played song this year, somehow BlackPink managed to steal my number one with Dont Know What To Do.
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  19. Medellin & Replay too. The taste jumped out ;)
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  20. Somehow it was my most played song of the year too. No idea how that happened.
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