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Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by daveblackwell2k4, May 17, 2007.

  1. I just happen to be in London for this show and secured some super premium seats to it the day of (I honestly thought I was getting scammed until we actually had our tickets scanned and entered the venue). Cheryl was great and in full form (the crowd loved her)! But when she performed Love Made Me Do It, the O2 basically fell silent. Not to hate on the song itself, but it was snooze fest compared to all her uptempo tracks and didn't align with (what I assume) the energy people were expecting from her.
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  2. I still like Love... but I feel Let You was much more in line with what the general public wants and expects from Cheryl.
  3. I agree. I think Let You would have done well if it was the first single. I’m still playing in on repeat to this day where’s as Love Made Me Do it only gets played if it comes on shuffle
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  4. I still think Love Made Me Do It is a bop and that her X Factor performance was great. It had a boring video, the media latched onto her appearance, and I think it was just her time to be turned on and for some reason the UK press is really mean to people they turn on.
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  5. Its hard to believe Only Human was six years ago already.

    I gave it a listen tonight and while it has some major filler it had some really good tracks.

    Waiting for Lightning and Stars really should've been singles before the essence of mediocrity that is I Dont Care.

    18 (deluxe) tracks for a Cheryl album is just way too much. Condensed down to 11 or 12 tracks and this is a nice little record.
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  6. So this are the most recent pictures we have of Cheryl? Oh I miss her!
    She's so quiet on social media.

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  7. Judges' Houses <3
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  8. What's this?
  9. One of her long term fans had a baby and she surprised them with a visit.
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  10. So annoying! It was the album with the most non-single tracks I enjoyed. Not the highest highs of her career, but it's missing any of the absolute garbage stinkers scattered on her first three albums. Only Human is her most consistent album.
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  11. One of my favourite Cheryl songs period and by far her best ballad.
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  12. I've alway thought she sounded emotionless and flat on A Million Lights (the song).

    They've always gotten her singles right. 3 Words is still probably her weakest single for me. It's a great track and a decent enough melody but she literally goes completely off-key at one point (and it wasn't corrected, even in the era of auto-tune??) and the "I said M-E-T-O-O" is mortifying songwriting.
  13. I really loved 3 Words just because it sounded so different at the time. I haven't listened to it in so long though, it will be interesting to see how it sounds today.
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  14. 3 Words is THE Cheryl track for me. Like @ratedr said, it was just so different at the time and not at all what I was expecting from her after Fight For This Love. I've even got 'non-pop' mates who will admit to liking 3 Words.
  15. "Waiting for Lightning" is her best ballad.
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  16. Her version of Lana's "Roses" leaked. I guess it's from the same sessions as "Ghetto Baby" for A Million Lights.
  17. is it good? I can’t find it
  18. where can I find this?
  19. I can see why they didn’t release it. The verses are fine but the chorus is her heavily autotuned to the point I questioned if she’s even singing it (it’s a falsetto chorus). I think Lana’s backing vocals might be the reason it’s hard to tell it’s Cheryl as well so maybe if it had been finished it wouldn’t have sounded so unlike Cheryl. It doesn’t suit Cheryl’s voice anyway, Ghetto Baby is much better.
  20. Where can we hear it?? It must be the first time a Cheryl unreleased song leaks!!
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