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Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by daveblackwell2k4, May 17, 2007.

  1. No, Actually "Just Live" leaked back in 2010.
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  2. I still listen to Just Live and love it. It’s a better ballad than The Flood anyway. Wasn’t it on the early 3 Words tracklist?
  3. It's from 2010 so maybe?
  4. From LanaWiki:

    Roses wasn’t originally written for Cheryl, it was written for Lana but she eventually gave it to Cheryl. Same with Ghetto Baby.
  5. this leaked to soundcloud yet
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  7. Song is nice enough (especially the verses), but indeed it's hard to recognize her voice in the chorus as she usually never sings that high.
  8. Did anyone actually think Lana would've written for Cheryl especially.
  9. Lana's version of Ghetto Baby really is a bop, huh?
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  10. I wonder did the A&R think Lana would be a good match because Cheryl could use her lower register easier but got a right shock when Roses was sent back with that chorus and binned it immediately. It’s a very rough demo so it sounds like they didn’t proceed far with it.
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  11. I am LOVING Roses - it sounds brilliant!
  12. It's not worse than "Now everyday ain't gon' be no picnic/Love ain't no walk in the park"
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  13. I actually love Roses, the desperation for new Cheryl tracks is quite strong these days for us soldiers.
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  14. RMK


    Never knew Lana had writing credits on Ghetto Baby. Shook.
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  15. Roses had potential, I wished they'd kept it.
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  16. Seems like a lifetime ago!

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  17. She doesn't hold that title any longer, right? Jess Glynne nabbed it from her?

    Tell me Jess Glynne doesn't still have that record...
  18. I think she does, although I don’t agree with it as a number of Jess’ were features if I’m not mistaken. By those measures we should include Cheryl’s Girls Aloud #1’s or Geri’s Spice Girls #1’s too, not that it matters.
  19. I don’t even particularly care for it, but Only Human not being on US Spotify is so annoying.
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