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Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by daveblackwell2k4, May 17, 2007.

  1. ADM


    Funny how there was no real “SHE’S COMINGGG” from last weeks on-set post, everyone kind of knows we’re not headed for a new era anytime soon..

    She looks stunning though!
  2. A bit sad to see her lowering herself to promoting supplements… not the career path I was hoping for.

    Back to streaming Let You for the next 5 years probably.
  3. How'd you think I feel when you take that vitamin D?
    You've got me confused by the way you swallow that Omega-3
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  4. Positively glowing.
  5. MB


    That'll be the vitamins.
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  6. I get what you mean but I’ve read her interview and apparently she’s a partner and has an equity stake in the business. So it’s not completely the same as Kimberly’s sponsored milk ads to pay for Bobby’s tuition.

    Also, does these kind of vitamins actually work? Just curious.
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  7. I'm actually quite fine with Kimberley doing that as it was always the route she was going to take after the band - I don't really picture Kimberley rocking sold-out arenas around the world. But as a huge Cheryl stan, I guess it's sad to see what her career has become because she had so much potential. Her imperial phase in the UK was quite stellar and fascinating to watch, and it could have led to a long lasting pop career. But she never really wanted to achieve that. I'm sure her current life is what suits her and fair enough, but yes, I'm sad it didn't all go how I very selfishly planned.
  8. It's not as if Cheryl hasn't been involved in misleading endorsements throughout her career:

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  9. Yes that’s true, I agree. I miss popstar Cheryl. It would have been nice if she released the last album with Let You and Love Made Me Do It as final farewell for her fans.
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  10. "Won't be wearing these today" *is actively wearing them*
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  11. I had no idea that existed. I’m howling. Was it really banned?
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  12. What an iconic performance. I still go back to this remix more often the official version.

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  13. Cheryl released four studio albums all on the same record label which was quite remarkable for an ex girl group member when you think about it. And all made the top ten too.
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  14. This one too! Absolutely iconic!

  15. She really did rule the world for a while didn't she? Good times.

    I wish she would being out one last banger then follow up with a GH album.
    Nice bit of closure on a fab solo pop career.
  16. I don’t understand the obsession with the British press building her up only to constantly knock her down and bully her whenever they write about her. It’s disgusting.

    As a pop star I love her and her performances are always entertaining.
  17. Doesn't take much effort to throw the 2018-19 stuff out there. Love Made Me Do It was weird and Let You is a total bop - I want more!
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  19. Not my intention to mock an accent but I really lost it at

    I am most looking forward to högs
    guilt-free högs
    lots of högs

    She seems happy though? Good for her!
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