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Cheryl - Only Human

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Call My Name, May 26, 2014.

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    Ladies mustn't curse, Chezza darling.
  2. Listening to it for the first time in a few hours. Ok, so I love it.
  3. This is atrocious. There's the bones of a basic bop, but it's just been left at crappy demo quality.
  4. It's so catchy, I've barely listened to it and can't get it out of my head!
  5. The swearing serves no purpose. I guess it gets her some attention (like her marriage) because half of the youtube comments are people being indignant, "Her fans are young and this is totally inappropriate!" and then the same tween stans being like "Cheryl don't care!" It wouldn't be that hard to write something PG that actually made sense. Swearing is what people do when they lack the vocabulary to say what they really mean -- not that I'm expecting much lyrical depth in a Cheryl Cole song.

    God, Girls Aloud were so consistently amazing in so many ways it blows my mind. How the mighty have fallen. It's sad that Cheryl (and the rest bar perhaps Nicola) seemed to learn nothing from that experience. I have to acknowledge that I wouldn't pay any attention to her if she hadn't been in Girls Aloud. The thing is, I want so much more from her and I think she has potential. But she really is a pretty shit pop star.
  6. And I didn't think things could get worse than Crazy Stupid Love. I was wrong.
  7. Rmx


    The only thing default is the bitchy comments about her. We know, she's pretty much a black hole of personality. I'll see your fave at #1 and on the X-Factor panel. Bye.
  8. An X-Factor judging slot is clearly a thing to covet.

    Her personality or lack thereof is not the issue for me. She's just a not very good pop star is all.
  9. Name association with Tulisa, Kelly, Danni, Nicole, Gary, Simon, Louis, and Sharon. Amazing!
  10. I'd heartily disagree. I think she's quite a good pop star actually. Anyways, I love this song. I think it might be one of my favorite singles that she's released.
  11. To her credit, she is the only one who has properly used it to sell records.
  12. You could also argue that the only reason she has a solo pop career is BECAUSE of the X-Factor.
  13. This is awful. I can't even think of anything else to say, I prefer Crazy Stupid Love and thats the flattest vocal i've ever heard so everything about this song is just dire.
  14. Yes, I agree. I'm in the US. The reason she hasn't attempted to break here is because she doesn't have the whole narrative arch provided Ashley's infidelity, X-factor, Simon Cowel dumping her, malaria, etc. I follow her because I am a huge Girls Aloud fan, but looking from the outside, obviously her success hinges on her being a TV personality and tabloid fixture, not because of her music or talent. She is still a regional act putting out average music.
  15. The chorus needs a bit more something. Everything else is quite good, much better than Crazy Stupid Love.
  16. Her vocals have always been as flat as a pancake, so I don't see why people are surprised by this.
  17. It worked on Three Hearts though, played around with them so they sounded interesting (Fight For This Love remains a solid dud to me).
  18. In love with this jam, so catchy and the chorus is addictive "I don't care, and it feels so fucking good to say, that I don't care" . I just have one issue which is not necessarily an issue: I heard it for the first time at my gym and I couldn't recognize that was a Cheryl song's just me or her voice sounds quite different? Took me good 2 minutes to recognize was actually Cheryl

    Either way great single! Hope gets a number 1 in the UK and spreads around, Cheryl deserves it.
  19. This is pretty spot on. I live in the US as well and was (and am) a huge Girls Aloud fan. Towards the end of Girls Aloud I was completely baffled by Cheryl's near-deification in the UK. Angel of the north? Really? Her solo output has been largely underwhelming and her lack of gravitas as a pop star has done nothing to help cover this up. It's doubly disappointing when you consider that her contributions to Girls Aloud were so necessary to that group's success. Her dancing, ability to work a crowd, (relative) vocal edginess, and songwriting skills made her essential. Now she's just another mediocre pop product.
  20. She is now Cheryl McKee
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