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Cheryl - Only Human

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Call My Name, May 26, 2014.

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  1. She really is a Beyonce stan - saw her try to create her own "***Flawless" hand signals in that multiple times. Trying to make "I Don't Care" the new "I Woke Up Like This". Goodness gracious.
  2. The song is her best yet but the video is her worst, why on earth does it not have a choreography? this song is the perfect song to have a big dance routine... she should've done more outfit changes at least. I'm a huge Cheryl fan but it was boring even for me, so i guess the casual fans wont even bother with it more than one time. there's no replay value in this video.

    I always get the sense that her team could do wonders with her videos and albums and yet the final product mostly sounds/looks uninspired and lazy.. its like she has it all going to be the biggest popstar of the uk (and even the world) but they just wont bother.
  3. I love the video!

    The song has also grown on me so much that I think it's one of her best singles, if not the best. The explicit makes it ten times better too.
  4. On first listen, this is ok. Nothing special, not atrociously bad like Crazy Stupid Love. Sounds very radio-friendly and will probably do well for her.

    Her posing in the video is unbearable, though. Fancies herself big-time
  5. The video is great only for her facial expressions.

    And it made me like the video.
  6. I love it, I actually love it.

    It's so refreshing to see the usually pristine never-look-not-perfect Cheryl actually practice what she preaches and 'not care'. And it's wonderful to see her with a bit of sense of humour. The video could be samey and beige, but I think Cheryl absolutely fills it with personality.

    And as is usual for me, the video clicks the song right into place. There's definitely something Girls Aloud-y about it I think. It is also I song that I relate to (which is rare for me). I too am a zero fucks given, aloof type of person.
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  7. So you won't be posting in this thread anymore then?
  8. Are you talking to me?

    Do you have something against me? This is the second time you've aimed an unusual comment at me?
  9. Is it just me or does she seem slightly unhinged in the video?
  10. Who directed this video? This had the potential to be a great video.
  11. KAG


    It's actually not a bad song but Cheryl sounds excruciatingly flat. I'm talking Louis Tomlinson levels of flat. The producer should have told her to stay within her range or at least tried to make sound tuneful.

    The video is pretty meh. It's basically a budget amalgamation of 'Your Love'/'Baby I Love U!' and Cheryl's constant hand movements made me cringe. She looks beautiful though.
  12. I LOVE the video. She's so cute when she pulls funny faces.
  13. YES! I'd have loved that to have been a single at some point.
  14. I hate this video, love the song but the video is bad.

    I blame Modest, even if they have nothing to do with video shoots etc, I'm still blaming them, they are useless. I still can't believe she signed to them, I wish she never left Hillary.
  15. I like the video a lot but I think they could've chosen another beach. So many beautiful beaches in Europe they filmed in that inexpressive place, Croacia and Italy says hello. I guess most of her gay fanbase will think the video is basic, girls and hetero boys will like it. It's a bop song and in the end of the day Cheryl's face can compensate for a meh video.

    Even tired with no makeup that woman looks amazing, that's really why she doesn't care.
  16. It would have been nice for her to do some random things herself seeing as she 'doesn't care'. I would have liked to see her riding a jet ski and go crab hunting or get stung by a jellyfish, something mad.

    The last chorus should have been a dance break at the night time with lots of dancers outside.
  17. Song: Basic
    Video: Amazing

    To be honest.
  18. Video made me feel dizzy. Love the "zero fucks given"...the rest? Not so much. Not awful, but nothing special at the same time. Poor directing is my main issue here.
  19. I couldn't stand Crazy Stupid Love at all and I still can't but at least that had a great video, although it didn't match the song. This on the other hand, the video is sooo boring and incredibly dull. She looks nice but that's all there is to it.
  20. My only issue is that if you have to swear that you don't care then you do kind of do care, don't you.
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