Cheryl - Only Human

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Considering it's #46, sometime next fall? *Frowning*

There haven't been too many interesting rates for me since the re-shuffle.

Oooh the shade...

I listened to the album again today and it flows very nicely. 'Yellow Love' is definitely the worst song on the album along with 'Beats N Bass'. 'Goodbye Means Hello' is a nice little song that is better in the context of the album than independently. Do we know any of the rejected songs? Also, is there a Soldier edition with extra songs or not?

It's really not.
"I don't care" has jumped to #8 on Spotify daily chart! This is quite amazing, considering CSL never made the top 20! It could have some really nice longevity in the charts.
There seems to be no consensus here about what tracks are good and what's complete garbage. What one person says is their favorite another says is filler.
To be fair to Cheryl, it's probably the toughest week we've seen this year. Foo Fighters and Pink Floyd were always going to lock her out, and it seems that all Ed Sheeran and Sam Smith need to do is breathe somewhere in the vicinity of a microphone to make people buy their albums in droves. What else is locking her out of the Top 5? Taylor?
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