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Cheryl - Only Human

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Call My Name, May 26, 2014.

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  1. Thanks for that gif it is mesmerizing.
  2. It's confirmed that she will sing Only Human song tonight in Children In Need.
  3. I know she's doing a ballad but didn't know which one - Only Human is a good choice. She's already pre-recorded the performance and is wearing a white dress too, apparently.
  4. Sounds perfect! She just needs to nail the vocal!
  5. Anyone know what time she's likely to be on?
  6. SBK


    She's performing Only Human, live...
  7. She's announced to perform between 9pm and 9.30pm.

    And SO happy for "Only human", hopefully it gets a big boost on iTunes !
  8. She's on next!!
  9. She knocked it out the park!
  10. She looked and sounded good. Angelic. She really should have performed this on the X Factor. Is it just me or has her face got thinner recently?
  11. Erm, are you for real?

    That performance was 100% live and so emotional. It was the perfect song for the night, so beautiful.
  12. She looked very much like Britney in 2001 today. Not A Girl on AMA vibes for me.

    Anyhow, very beautiful performance.
  13. @_ClaireRichards: My ears are bleeding xx

    Shots fired.

    I mean the BRAVERY was tangible. She was shaky in places but definitely not bad. And I've got twelve years of listening to the tone of her voice so it's nowhere near as painful as it would be for Claire.
  14. Stunning. She really is like an otherworldly goddess! This really needs to be the next single. It worked so well stripped back!
  15. She did really well considering that she sang live!
  16. Who??
  17. That was a better version of acoustic session. That was emotional and just good, I can't say nothing more.

    I really want her to perform this on X Factor, it could be so great. Only Human for third Xmas single please.
  18. The only one of Steps with talent, although that isn't saying much.

    Anyway, Cheryl did really well tonight. She sounded really good throughout, and the song works brilliantly with just a piano.
  19. Oh God, Claire from Steps just asked to get trolled didn't she? The Soldiers are going to go to town on her...
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