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Cheryl - Only Human

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Call My Name, May 26, 2014.

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  1. I Don't Care is a nice enough song but I every time I listen to it I think how much better it would be if Bonnie were singing it instead. Crazy Stupid Love is ok. Its probably her weakest lead but its not as bad as its made out to be. I found myself singing Throwback in my head the other day. I think it and All In One Night would be good singles. For Cheryl. I don't know that if Rihanna released them I'd think they were especially quality songs, but for Cheryl they're more than serviceable.

    It's About Time and Waiting For Lightening aren't dreadful, but they can stay album tracks. I'd be surprised if anything else is released anyway to be honest.
  2. Personally as a whole I much preferred A Million Lights, maybe even MLR, but it has some nice moments like Thowback and All In One Night to name just two. The majority of the songs sound more polished than her previous.
  3. Agreed. A Million Lights was such a limp bore - and as the first Cheryl album I'd listened to, it really didn't instil me with much confidence in any of her other solo material. However, I was pleasantly surprised by Only Human and it's a great shame to see it tumbling down the charts. The opening run of "Intro", "Live Life Now" and "It's About Time" is glorious.

    "Waiting for Lightning" or "It's About Time" would make for a good third single, although I can't imagine anything being a big hit unless they secure a BRIT Awards performance or something.
  4. You said this perfectly.
  5. Did everybody see that highlights pics on Cheryl facebook fanpage? I have a weird feeling that at the end we will get announcement pic about third single or something.
    But propably not.
  6. Or "I'm pregnant!".
  7. I like Firecracker. Ha
  8. "It's about time" and then wrap up the era to start anew.
  9. I will be very surprised if a third single actually materialises. She clearly only looks on her music as a hobby her main career is staying relevant in the media.
  10. Even if we don't get an official third single, I just want an epic dance off video to "Throwback" thrown out there like Ghetto Baby was. When I play it for friends, it's an instant "that's a good song, who sings it?" reaction. I want to see Cheryl slay another epic dance routine this era. CSL's in the video is everything but it doesn't translate well in everyday life (that sounds a tad ridiculous but go with it haha).
  11. I Don't Care is such a guilty pleasure for me. It's basic as fuck, but there's is no denying its a bit of a banger.
  12. She really is the strangest woman on the planet to stan for. She has bursts of success and the disappears off the face of the earth ready for her next comeback in x amount of time. ONE performance of a number 1 single is quite something.
  13. Shes lazy never seen such a lazy half hearted popstar in my life.
  14. Don't forget that she had I Don't Care twice (as clean and explicit) in TOP3 iTunes in the same time, that's quite something too again with only one performance.
  15. Only Human is now 99p on Google Play (only for 24 hours)
  16. She really is the laziest and fakest popstar ever. Her whole career is thus far just a series of hot air"comebacks". She has front loaded campaigns and as soon as she gets the number 1 she's gone. What is the point? She is obviously just after the empty titles and fame rather than having a genuine passion for performing and actually being a proper popstar.
  17. I'm so ashamed that I just found myself getting my life to 'Beats N' Bass'

    What a fucking mess I am.
  18. 'Stars' should have been a 3rd single. However, I'm completely fine if this era is already over. Bring back 'A Million Lights' Part Deux.
  19. I don't really get why this was voted as one of the worst albums of the year on the Popjustice Readers Poll to be honest. Is it just Cheryl that people don't like? Its not a perfect album by any means, but its mostly pretty solid stuff.
  20. No it's a terrible album. I'm a huge Cheryl fan.
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