Cheryl - Only Human

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Whoever is picking her material really needs to do better! She doesn't seem capable of recording an album with more than two potential singles on them!
Shes lazy never seen such a lazy half hearted popstar in my life.

She really is the laziest and fakest popstar ever. Her whole career is thus far just a series of hot air"comebacks". She has front loaded campaigns and as soon as she gets the number 1 she's gone. What is the point? She is obviously just after the empty titles and fame rather than having a genuine passion for performing and actually being a proper popstar.



No it's a terrible album. I'm a huge Cheryl fan.

And you basically never say anythings awful. But yes it's that bad.
I don't really find her lazy. We've gotten 4 albums out of her. That's 3.5 more albums than most ex-girlbanders get. Sure, she didn't turn into some international megastar, but we got some fun singles and some cute choreography so i'm quite satisfied with how her solo career has gone.


She's just a smart business woman. She got two #1s out of an album that's been so poorly received, she might as well leave it at that. It's funny that the people who dislike the album are complaining about her being lazy, like just be happy she's not releasing any of the songs you don't like anyway. Having said that I would still very much be here for Only Human for single 3.
I know "Greatest Hits" are frowned upon now, but Cheryl actually needs one! I'd happily delete all 4 of her albums and just have a singles collection (+ Ghetto Baby).
Being a popstar is just an extension of the 'Cheryl Cole' brand and doesn't come from any real desire to have a respectable pop career. Cheryl will always do the bare minimum required then move on.
3 Words was poor overall, but had some bops. MLR was dreadful. A Million Lights was great. This album is horrific. Tuneless, poorly produced mess.

Great cover, though.
She should have just released 'Only Human' as a single after her CIN performance.

'Only Human' along with 'FFTL', 'Promise This' and 'Call My Name' are the only songs where I'm like 'this is actually really fucking good, this is a Cheryl Cole song?'

Why you no release it Cheryl Fernandez-Versini?
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Maybe they have decided to wrap up the era this early because of the awful reviews (and sales) it's recieved.

There were a couple of single material songs left on the album, and they probably would've been top 10 hits.

Well brand new single in the summer? I think so.
I don't really get why this was voted as one of the worst albums of the year on the Popjustice Readers Poll to be honest. Is it just Cheryl that people don't like? Its not a perfect album by any means, but its mostly pretty solid stuff.

I think the album's really great. It's tied with A Million Lights for me, I can't decide which I prefer at this point. I even like the two weakest track - "Goodbye Means Hello" and "Coming Up for Air." I mean, it's not Girls Aloud level pop perfection, but it's solid nonetheless. It definitely deserves more sales and attention.
Rumour was she was shooting a video for a new video but now the rumour is it was cancelled mean the era is over.

The fuckery.
She's shot the music video

From a Daily Mail article:
Despite the show finishing, this isn't the end of Cheryl and Paul's creative relationship.
He revealed: 'I‘m looking forward to seeing Cheryl’s new music video we just shot. Percy & Reed are also in the process of producing some very exciting new products but it’s a little too early to share yet.

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